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NetSapiens API


The NetSapiens API is a RESTful API offering real time programmatic access to all modules of the NetSapiens SNAPsolution in a secured manner.  It is designed to be suitable for use by NetSapiens clients as well as 3rd Party developers.

Geo Access

API Gateway is Geo redundant

Increasing the reliability of your network

Load balance access to Geo distributed resources

For Examaple: Provide synchronized provisioning to Geo distributed resources.

Automate searching for redundant copies

For Example: Obtain redundant recordings from one of multiple parallel Recording modules

Automate routing of request to relevant modules

For Example: send request to corresponding conference host in a multi-hosts conference to apply mid conference action to a specific participants

Third Party Security

Firewall internal module from direct external access.

Single sign on for access to Geo Distributed resources

3rd Party Apps disallowed on internal SBus

Provide simple and secure API Authorization to 3rd Party Apps

Gate, meter and throttle

Leverage/emulate/conform OAuth

Secured delegate access to customer information to 3rd Party App


Uniform Organization

Present a more uniform organization of objects and functions to 3rd Party Apps

Isolate Features & Balances

Hide the homing of subscriber feature in the Core module, vs balance in Credit Control module

Insulate 3rd Party Apps

For example: decouple API parameters from internal database schema to insulate from changes

Minimize impact to 3rd Party Apps

Minimize impact to 3rd Party Apps when evolving or substituting internal modules

NetSapiens n-Share Technology

n-Share is an exclusive NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to manage different locations within their network as a single secure application.

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