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NetSapiens' Concurrent Call Pricing Saves You Money Over BroadSoft Every Time

BroadSoft charges you for every user on the system. They then add additional charges as you enable features such as conferencing, call recording, etc. for those users.  At NetSapiens, our SNAPsolution is different. You pay a one-time initial cost for the total number of current calls you want to handle on your system. You then get UNLIMITED SEATS with ALL FEATURES INCLUDED. Our unique Concurrent Call Pricing model save you money over BroadSoft every time.

With the NetSapiens SNAPsolution, you are able to get more value out of your VoIP or Unified Communications platform. Instead of paying high prices for only some of the software features that you need, the SNAPsolution’s pricing model is designed to give you all of the features based on flexible Concurrent Call Pricing.

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Get More Features

Other vendors will sell you the most basic piece of a communication platform and expect you to pay additional fees to gain access to the other features that you need. That goes against the NetSapiens philosophy of empowering our service providers with all the tools that they need to be a competitive business. Instead, our clients purchase the SNAPsolution with a Universal Session License. This means that they not only get basic softswitching functionality, they also get every feature offered in the SNAPsolution platform for a single price!

With NetSapiens, you have an all access pass to all of the SNAPsolution’s features and you can use the platform’s multi-tenant capabilities to selectively give your clients access to the features you want them to have. We are also dedicated to providing our clients with future-proof technology. This means that we are constantly innovating and improving the SNAPsolution to be at the leading end of the industry’s standards. Want to expand the SNAPsolution’s features or customize them to your client’s needs? We offer a flexible API to integrate our platform with third party services.

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Get More Return On Your Investment

Other vendors expect you to pay them for every connected endpoint in your network, calling it a “seat”. At NetSapiens, we see how per-seat pricing is hurting service provider margins by charging them the full price for seats that are either rarely used or have limited features. It doesn’t make sense for something like an intercom, a kitchen phone, or even an end-user’s second device to be considered a seat. This is why NetSapiens has established a more reasonable pricing structure.

NetSapiens allows you to control your margins in order to improve your ROI through concurrent call pricing. With concurrent call pricing, you can have an unlimited amount of devices, users, or phone numbers because you are only charged for the total amount of calls that occur at the same time. This usage-based pricing structure allows you to oversubscribe your network beyond the limitations that are imposed by vendors offering per-seat pricing.