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NetSapiens Endpoints

Simplify Device Deployment With The Remote Provisioning And Configuration Of SIP Devices

Device Provisioning

Automatic and remote provisioning of SIP devices is imperative to creating a scalable VoIP business.  Most of the popular device brands today all support a remote provisioning methodology of some sort.  However, in most cases, the manufacturer of the device can provide provisioning software specific to their brand, and hence if a service provider chooses to deploy multiple brands they need multiple provisioning servers.  These provisioning servers are also not tightly integrated with the service delivery platform so as to allow as few steps as possible in the overall provisioning process.

Endpoints Module

In the NetSapiens platform, device provisioning is powered by the Endpoints module. In contrast to other solutions, the Endpoints module allows for manufacturer agnostic auto provisioning of SIP devices. This allows a service provider to easily pre-configure default or client specific profiles so that the turn-up process of new devices is simplified.  The module associates MAC addresses and model types to specific User Profiles in the SNAPsolutions’ Core module.

The Endpoints module can be administered via the Web and is also accessed by the Portals Module via API as a part of aggregate configuration functions to further enhance the overall user experience of the SNAPsolution.  The Endpoints module also serves a key role in location specific configuration in the NetSapiens n-Share solution, by allowing the Service Provider to select location sensitive registration of devices to the SNAPsolution Core.

Web based management and configuration

Multi-Vendor Support

Flexible profile configurations

Location sensitive configuration

Easy override support

Remote re-sync support

Flexible directory configuration

Device Partners

The NetSapiens platform is compatible with a number of different device manufacturers.

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