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NetSapiens n-Share

Build a Highly Available, Geo-Diverse VoIP Network


n-Share is a NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to benefit from a geo-diverse, highly available VoIP network. n-Share allows multiple locations to share information in real-time, creating a seamless system for withstanding failovers while avoiding service disruptions. This allows smaller service providers to meet their clients’ expectations of carrier-class uptime, gain loyalty, and readily compete in the marketplace. These services are distributed over “n” physical servers across “n” locations while still being managed as a single application.

Service Distribution

Most high-availability and redundancy schemes rely on active and backup servers, with the backup servers left idle, until needed. In contrast, the n-Share architecture is Always Active. It dynamically distributes services across all available servers which increases flexibility and reduces the number of servers required during peak hours. Load can also be shared based on geographic distance from the end-user. This optimizes the quality of service by ensuring voice and video payload will take the shortest path between the sender and receiver.

Key Features:

Eliminate Downtime

Increase Quality of Service

Maintain a Reliable Network

Capacity Plan with Ease

Compete with Larger Carriers

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