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NetSapiens Security & Cost Control

Security & Cost Control

Cost Control is important to a service provider both as a value-added feature and also for risk management.  As a value added feature real-time credit control can be used to provide prepaid based applications, so that the service provider can confidently offer services and manage the balances and related margins associated with those services.  From a risk management standpoint, credit control functionality can apply credit policies to certain calls such that any fraudulent or unexpected activity can be capped.

NetSapiens’ Security & Cost Control features allow for real-time rating and balance checking on a call by call basis in order to control the credit available for a specific call.  Every call that is handled by the SNAPsolution Core can be configured to request a balance check of the Security & Cost Control module before proceeding with the call.  This allows for functionality ranging from fraud control to calling card applications.  The Security & Cost Control module allows a service provider to configure individual rate plans for their specific clients and use those rate plans to make a credit based decision on the handling of those calls.

Key Features:

Real-time call by call rating

Flexible balance adjustment policies

Customizable rate plans

Balance checking

Web based administration

Reject Log

Dial Permissions

User Limits


Authorization Codes

NetSapiens n-share Technnology

n-Share is an exclusive NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to manage different locations within their network as a single secure application.

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