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NetSapiens SIP Trunking

Connect To Your Corporate Client's Phone Network Using VoIP

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides significant cost savings for businesses by allowing them to connect their corporate phone system to a service provider’s network using VoIP. With the NetSapiens SNAPsolution, service providers are able to not only offer this service to their business customers, but they can also pave the way to migrating these clients to next generation VoIP services. This is due to the SNAPsolution’s ability to scale and the unlimited access to the enhanced features that are built into the platform. The NetSapiens SNAPsolution allows service providers to deliver future proof SIP trunks that are already enabled for enhanced services and migration ready for when your client wants to move their entire phone network into the cloud.


Key Features:

Multi-Vendor IAD and Gateway Support

Survivability and Alternate Routing

Recording Capable

Voice Mail Ready

Auto-Attendant Capable

Call Queue/ACD Capable

SNAPped In Services

Additional services can be “SNAPped In” to the SNAPsolution for new features and functionalityLearn More


NetSapiens experts offer training, support, engineering and other professional services
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Third party partners extend the SNAPsolution’s capabilities through interoperability and compatibility
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NetSapiens n-Share

n-Share is an exclusive NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to manage different locations within their network as a single secure application.

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