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SNAPsolution Software Modules

The SNAPsolution platform is powered by exclusive NetSapiens built software. The software is broken up into six server “modules” that are dedicated to running specific functions of the SNAPsolution. These modules can be configured in many different ways in order to fit best into your network. This includes running multiple modules on a single physical server or being virtualised in the cloud.

SNAPsolution Core

Software module that provides real time communications call session management, switching, application handling, and feature delivery

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Credit Control

Software module that can, in real-time, apply cost criteria to appropriately control call sessions that are being handled my the SNAPsolution

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Software module that records any and/or all call sessions that are being handled by the SNAPsolution

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Software module that provides manufacturer agnostic remote provisioning and seamless configuration of best of breed VoIP end-user devices

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Software module that delivers a rich integrated user experience and feature access dependent upon the role of the end-user that is accessing the system and the modules that are accessed by the clients application

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The NetSapiens Conferencing Module delivers feature rich audio bridging functions that when combined with the SNAPSolution Core can provide a full suite of audio conferencing capabilities

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The Core Module


n-Share: Build a Highly Available, Geo-diverse Network

n-Share is an exclusive NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to manage different locations within their network as a single secure application.
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