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NetSapiens Unified Communications

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Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications should be a key strategy for any competitive service provider.  The ever increasing trend for an ‘always on’ and ‘device independent’ society, is putting a demand on every service provider to offer these services to their end-users.  Being able to connect via a desktop phone, a laptop, a smart phone, or a tablet, while maintaining the same identity and experience is driving the evolution of communications.

The NetSapiens SNAPsolution is designed to be a future-proof solution that can evolve with the new ways that businesses prefer to communicate.  The SNAPsolution can provide a service provider a core platform upon which UC services can be built and grown, from desktop web presence to mobile extensions to video telephony to email client based access of voice mails.  At the core, the SNAPsolution is a multimedia application platform that can also allow for third party extensions to easily leverage the capabilities for even tighter integration.

Key Features:

Desktop Web Portals with Presence

Mobile app functionality

User profiles independent of specific device

Chat ready

Video Telephony ready

Third party extensibility

SNAPped In Services

Additional services can be “SNAPped In” to the SNAPsolution for new features and functionalityLearn More


NetSapiens experts offer training, support, engineering and other professional services
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Third party partners extend the SNAPsolution’s capabilities through interoperability and compatibility
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NetSapiens n-Share Technology

n-Share is an exclusive NetSapiens cloud based technology that allows service providers to manage different locations within their network as a single secure application.

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