4 Tips for Getting the Best UC&C Platform to Support the Hybrid Workforce

If service providers can’t identify what end users need, then they can’t provide the appropriate UCaaS solutions

The Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) sector is a high-stakes arena to play in these days. As end users try to navigate the complexities of their new pandemic-inspired hybrid worklife, they are demanding more from UC&C service providers. And service providers are trying to up their game to meet end-user demands — but are platform vendors helping them to deliver? 

As the need for agile, easy-to-use, and robust platforms becomes more important, the margin for error grows ever smaller. And, as the boundaries of UC&C are pushed, the easier it is for service provisioning and platform capabilities to miss the mark. In the highly competitive UC&C market where lackluster results are no longer acceptable, many service providers are frustrated with vendors and their long lead times, unintuitive models, and disconnected bolt-on solutions that aren’t meeting their customer’s needs.

One would think that all the providers and vendors out there would already be optimized for new requirements, but, sadly, they’re not. So to get the best UC&C solution for your evolving business, consider using the advice below. 

Keep priorities aligned, kick the complexity

UC&C platform capabilities should unerringly align with market demand. It seems obvious, but in the pursuit of margins and market share, some providers go a bit sideways on their service options. For instance, voice capabilities are still the foundation of customer-facing service (74% of surveyed customers phoned a contact center in 2020, up 10% from 2015). 

If this is the case, why are platform providers pushing all sorts of fancy bells and whistles while keeping voice capabilities locked behind tiered paywalls? Users need a firm bedrock to work from that is backed by what the market is telling us — not what service providers are telling us is the next cutting-edge thing. 

Service provisioning should make the consumer’s life easier, not more complex — and that means service providers should get the services they need (and their customers want) without trade-offs or unnecessary sacrifices. 

Pay the right way

Utilizing seats-based payment models instead of sessions-based ones creates a number of immediate challenges, but this method is also symptomatic of a much larger issue: an inability to evolve as requirements and business models change. 

The world in which UC&C is being consumed is far more flexible and dynamic than any seats-based subscription can allow for. This hinders scalability, creates cost inefficiencies, and leads to an overall lack of control — keeping service providers from truly owning their margins and getting the solution that works best. The upshot? End users will eventually ditch service providers that shackle them with seats-based costs.

Learn more about why seats-based costs might be holding you back, and how NetSapiens’ “sessions, not seats” philosophy overcomes common hurdles here

Strength in numbers

Every company is looking for an edge on their competition, but success in a highly competitive world doesn’t necessarily mean always going it alone. In fact, “coopetition” can unlock a host of valuable, mutually beneficial opportunities for service providers. This is why NetSapiens has cultivated a robust ecosystem of allies across its UCaaS (unified communications as a service) platform. 

As our user base has grown (we’re now at 2 million users and counting), we’ve brought together an open source-style service provider community that provides the flexibility to offer your customers a unique experience. This unifies forward-thinking minds under a common umbrella of UC&C innovation. It’s a disruptive approach that could be the leg up that service providers really need. In the pursuit of success, it might be time to set aside the lone wolf approach. We think life is better with friends — and we think our customers agree. 

Never underestimate the human factor

Great outcomes and customer experiences call for great service — and great service calls for a company that actually listens to its customers and remains approachable. The idea of humanized service might be a bit of a foreign one nowadays, especially when big service providers are looking for the quickest way to the close — but that just means the value of that differentiated service style is higher than ever. 

NetSapiens’ large community of service providers are all helping each other compete against the Tier 1’s that treat their service providers and end users like just a number. And, as digital transformations grow more complex, having a partner that will truly be by your side as you evolve is invaluable. Nobody wants to feel unheard or unsupported in a rapidly evolving IT environment, so a smart UCaaS provider won’t leave its customers high and dry. 

Many of the common challenges that platform vendors face can be reduced to one simple theme — a failure to understand the customer. If you can’t identify what service providers and end users need, then you can’t provide appropriate solutions. To meet this demand, NetSapiens puts a premium on our ability to be there for our service provider partners every step of the way — so they can be there for their own customers. 

With this commitment at our core, we’re working to support a revolutionized, highly mobile, and more liberated hybrid workforce — with award-winning UC&C as its catalyst. Learn more about the NetSapiens suite of powerful cloud-based UC&C solutions