5 Reasons Service Providers have shifted their UC platform to M-IaaS

With 80% of the service providers revenues above the infrastructure, service providers are demanding a very different Unified Communications delivery model. Traditionally Service Providers have run their Unified Communications platforms on their own hardware for many years. However recently service providers have shifted away from the burden of installing and maintaining their own infrastructure, enabling them to focus on running their UC application and growing their business.

This webinar will discuss the many reasons why Service Providers should leverage the lessons learned and embrace the shift to a new delivery model.

What Attendees will learn:

  • What’s does it take to install and maintain a Unified Communications platform on your infrastructure.
  • What are the pitfalls and lessons learned from running a UC platform on your own infrastructure.
  • What is Managed-Infrastructure as a service when it comes to UC and why they need to be tightly integrated.
  • Why is this new delivery model taking the UC industry by storm.

Who Should Watch:

  • Those who currently offer or are thinking of offering Unified Communications to their customers.
  • Service Providers, ITSP’s , MSP’s xLEC’s etc. etc.


  • Jason Byrne – Senior Vice President of Products & Marketing at netsapiens.
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