5 Reasons Why You Should Sell UCaaS

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Unified Communications as a Service, better known as UCaaS, has come a long way since its initial rise to prominence in 2014. However, an overwhelming number of small and medium-sized businesses still are not taking advantage of the features and functions of a great UCaaS solution. With the current climate of the workforce, it is easier now more than ever to sell UCaaS. As a service provider, it’s important to know why and how your product can best serve your customers. The following are only five of the many reasons you should be selling UCaaS.

1. Efficiency makes UCaaS an easy sell

UCaaS has the ability to join together the tools needed to run an efficient office. Tools that support collaboration, data storage, and productivity that workers use every day can be integrated into an easy-to-use platform. This is why customers need to know how effective it can be for them to use UCaaS. As workflows are simplified, customer service and experience rise, and employees begin to work more efficiently, your customers will begin to see how efficient UCaaS is for their business. While you begin to understand just how beneficial it is to sell UCaaS as another offering.

2. Sell UCaaS as a managed service

UCaaS solutions are managed by you, the provider. Customers love this aspect of UCaaS, as they may be used to having a solution that they were responsible for the upkeep. As a provider, you can offer your customers management of maintenance for the solution. You should also offer technical support, management of applications, and 24/7 access to your specialists if any issues arise. Your customers will be happy to have more time focusing on their business when they don’t have to focus on their UCaaS solution.

3. UCaaS adds redundancy layers

UCaaS is a cloud-based communications solution. This means your customers will need to rely on power sources and the internet is accessible, right? Well, sort of. Thanks to failover and backups, UCaaS is not tied to one internet source. Just because the internet may be out in the office, the block, the town, or even the region doesn’t mean the UCaaS solution will not work. For example, if the internet in the office building goes out, workers will still be able to use their mobile devices and keep their business identities.

Not only are mobile devices a layer of redundancy, UCaaS solutions themselves often come with geographic redundancy measures. Basically, that means if one server goes down, traffic seamlessly moves over to the other active node, leaving the users none-the-wiser.

Thanks to the ability to connect at all times, less loss of data takes place during natural disasters and power outages. This also means that there is less of a need for on-premises backups.

4. Remote capabilities

One thing we all learned in the past few years is that workers can and will work remotely. As restrictions lift, both workers and employers acknowledge the positive aspects of remote and hybrid work models. Utilizing UCaaS, employers can easily offer a remote option to their employees.

Even more exciting, if a company is utilizing UCaaS and remote work, they create a larger talent pool for them to choose from when it comes time to hire. Employees can now literally be living anywhere in the world with internet access and appear to the outside world as if they are in the office. The flexibility of UCaaS can bring together workers from around the globe and make you look like a hero with the perfect solution that works from anywhere.

Now you’re not only selling UCaaS, you’re selling a remote work solution!

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5. Security features with UCaaS

Your customers handle private information 24/7. Not only are they handling private information for their companies and businesses, but also for their respective customers. Especially if your customer may be in the healthcare industry.

No matter what vertical you are serving, every business needs to be compliant with government rules and regulations. UCaaS solutions can help your customers meet these requirements effectively.

UCaaS solutions also safeguard employee information. When your customers utilize UCaaS, you can assure them that not only is their information safe onsite, but also when using their mobile devices. When workers are remote or simply not wired-in, UCaaS has baked-in features to protect their personal information.

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