Abzorb Partners with NetSapiens to Propel the Public Sector into Cloud-Based Communications

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If some unions are made in heaven, then the new partnership between Abzorb and NetSapiens International was made not far below — in THE cloud. It’s clear that the highly-capable Yorkshire, UK-based UC (unified communications) service provider and the global UC vendor with the fastest growing UCaaS platform in North America were made for each other.

With a stellar track record of delivering public sector communications contracts, Abzorb joined NetSapiens’ roster of partners to provide a wide range of cloud communications services to the public sector.

The rationale for the Abzorb+NetSapiens partnership is based on the clear and present need for the public sector to accelerate the move of their communication needs to the cloud. The benefits that drive organisations to cloud communications are well understood and include:

  • Lowering costs
  • Switching off the PSTN
  • Improving services to customers
  • Optimising Productivity
  • Increased transparency and  better controls
  • Enabling a secure mobile workforce
  • Reviewing legacy systems.

What each partner brings to the table

Abzorb has over 20 years of experience delivering telecommunication solutions and provides flexible and bespoke systems tailored to an organisation’s specific site or business requirements, managed by a knowledgeable and experienced sales team and support staff.

Abzorb is accredited on all relevant government purchasing frameworks and works with local authorities supporting them to formulate a telecoms strategy to improve efficiency and manage legacy systems to deliver cost per endpoint savings.

With hundreds of thousands of mobile, fixed voice, and data customer connections, Abzorb understands that technology and communications can shape and play a pivotal role in business operations.

“We partner with only the best, so we can provide communication solutions that truly enhance your business activities,” says Dean Al-Sened, Abzorb’s Head of Public Sector and Enterprise. “We see a clear and present need within local authorities to optimise their costs, whilst they improve their communications estate as they deliver a more mobile workforce.”

NetSapiens is delighted to have a partner like Abzorb that deploys the SNAPsolution, a highly-secure and resilient UCaaS platform that is GDPR compliant, lowers the cost and time of deployment, and eliminates risks. As an open platform, SNAPsolution can support and manage a diverse number of devices. It also provides broad API access, enabling a high degree of automation and process improvement gains.

“Abzorb has a brilliant reputation in the delivery and support of complex communications solutions across the public sector, providing these organisations with the flexibility to manage their estate and costs. We are excited to be working with them on these opportunities. As the PSTN switch off approaches, we see no better time or partner to address the many complex issues in the public sector, in particular, within local authorities,” says Scott Goodwin, Managing Director, Netsapiens International Ltd.

Biggest advantage: disruptive pricing model

Perhaps the biggest advantage that Abzorb enjoys from the partnership is NetSapiens’ disruptive pricing model that allows the service provider the ability to optimise costs for public sector deployments.

“Our partnership with NetSapiens will allow local authorities to implement a world-class cloud communication platform that is highly resilient and super secure with minimal barriers to entry. Our concurrent pricing model will revolutionise the way in which they consume and pay for communications solutions and will take £ millions of costs out of the sector as whole, while giving us many opportunities to improve service levels to our users,” said Dean.

Scott Goodwin concludes, “Our investments in extremely secure, resilient, GDPR compliant private cloud communication platforms strengthen our offer to the public sector, combined with Abzorb’s reputation for excellence in account management, customer and technical support — this is a compelling offer.”