Access4 Unveils UC Xpress™: A Game-Changing Communication Solution for Resellers in Australia & New Zealand


In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the communication technology landscape of Australia and New Zealand, Access4 has proudly launched UC Xpress™, a revolutionary product built on Crexendo’s NetSapiens® platform. This transformative solution opens up new horizons for over 400 resellers by offering a flexible, feature-rich, and scalable communication system. The strategic partnership between Access4 and Crexendo marks a significant milestone, bringing innovation and growth opportunities to the forefront of the industry.

The Evolution of Access4: Embracing Innovation for Expansion

Access4, a prominent player in the cloud communication platform and services domain, has embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its market presence. Historically powered by Cisco Broadsoft, Access4 recognized the need for a commercially flexible solution with an industry-leading feature set to accommodate its rapid expansion plans. Enter UC Xpress™ – a testament to Access4’s dedication to innovation and adaptability.

Tim Jackson, the Managing Director of Access4, emphasized the pivotal role of the NetSapiens® platform in the company’s growth strategy. 

"We found the NetSapiens® platform offered the ideal framework to support Access4's growth goals."
-Tim Jackson

The decision to embrace Crexendo’s NetSapiens® platform was the result of a meticulous evaluation process that showcased Crexendo’s deep understanding of Access4’s requirements and the dynamic markets it serves.

A Symphony of Collaboration: Crexendo and Access4 Join Forces

The collaboration between Access4 and Crexendo signifies a momentous partnership that promises to reshape the communication technology landscape. Scott Goodwin, Managing Director of Crexendo® International, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,

"We are thrilled to join forces with Access4 and witness the launch of UC Xpress™ built on Crexendo's NetSapiens® platform."
-Scott Goodwin

This strategic alliance enables Access4’s resellers to harness a communication solution that is not only rich in features but also highly adaptable to their unique business needs.

Jeff Korn, Chief Executive Officer of Crexendo, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the partnership in the Australian and New Zealand markets. “This relationship between Crexendo and Access4 marks a significant milestone and a landmark partnership in the communication technology landscape of Australia & New Zealand,” he declared. The introduction of UC Xpress™ signifies a bold step forward for resellers seeking innovation and growth opportunities.

Unveiling UC Xpress™: The Future of Communication Solutions

UC Xpress™ stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. Built on Crexendo’s NetSapiens® platform, this revolutionary solution empowers resellers with a host of features designed to enhance communication, scalability, and flexibility. As businesses of all sizes seek reliable and advanced communication tools, UC Xpress™ arrives as a game-changer, poised to meet and exceed their expectations.


Access4’s introduction of UC Xpress™, powered by Crexendo’s NetSapiens® platform, marks a transformative moment in the communication technology sector of Australia and New Zealand. This strategic partnership brings forth a dynamic and forward-looking solution that addresses the evolving needs of businesses and resellers. As Access4 and Crexendo lead the way with innovation and collaboration, UC Xpress™ emerges as a beacon of growth and progress for the entire industry.