Get Active-Active With n-Share

Failover. How did you react when you read that word? Did you cringe? Failover is a pain. You know it, and we know it. But sometimes rainy days happen – nodes fail or need maintenance, so failover is often unavoidable. The question is what happens when your platform provider experiences it. We’ve established why netsapiens makes cents, but now let’s talk about why netsapiens makes sense – by discussing failover and the active-active redundancy built into our unique n-Share technology on which our UC&C SNAPsolution platform is layered.

A Scary Story

Let’s say your platform provider is, you know, one of those other guys. Chances are they don’t support active-active redundancy, so when failover strikes, what happens? First, every active call is dropped. Then, every device must reboot with a new server address. Often some phones don’t register correctly, which means an awful troubleshooting process to get all devices back on track. But the pain isn’t over yet. Once the original server can be restarted, the entire process starts over again. To reboot on a new server is a chaotic road involving manual changes and human error. It’s a major headache for your customers and it’s an even bigger headache for you. Imagine it’s the middle of the night and failover strikes. Who you gonna call?

Failover Meets Its Match

If your first call was to netsapiens, you can sleep through the night knowing your service platform is totally covered. Our n-Share technology runs on specialized nodes arranged as an active-active redundant application. All nodes are simultaneously online, so if a node fails or loses connectivity, all traffic simply passes over to another already active node. All call information, feature codes, and voicemail continues like nothing happened, with zero downtime or loss of connection. Rest easy.

Unlike those other guys, n-Share is built to ensure reliable call-processing systems regardless of network and application outages or failures, and it’s flexible, too. It can be deployed as a two-node configuration or in infinitely scalable multi-node clusters. Better yet, they can become georedundant by spreading them out to different locations.

Active-Active With n-Share: A Disaster-Proof Framework

Face it, if you’re a smaller service provider, you are still expected to provide carrier-grade services. This means no dropped calls, high performance, and good call quality. How are you going to do that if you’re up at night worried about failover? Most other platforms don’t even offer something like active-active georedundancy, or if they do it’s expensive and cost-prohibitive. With netsapiens it’s all baked into our n-Share technology and, by extension, our SNAPsolution UC&C platform. So not only are you protecting yourself, you’re improving profitability. Reliability, continuity, cost-savings. Easy peasy.

With netsapiens, failover doesn’t have to be a scary word.

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