Frost & Sullivan’s Advice for Cloud Comms Buyers and Service Providers

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In a new Frost & Sullivan report, the well-respected business consulting firm provides market research and advice to cloud communications buyers and service providers.

On page 13 of the “visual white paper,” NetSapiens is profiled. That page content is reprinted below.

Cover of the Frost & Sullivan visual whitepaper with the title that reads “Enabling Disruption through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions” and a subtitle that reads “Choose Platform Partners that Unlock Value on all Levels.” The copy is set against a blue background with a transparent globe looking at the northern hemisphere and Europe.

Vendor spotlight: NetSapiens

NetSapiens’ mission is to empower service providers to deliver compelling cloud communications, collaboration and customer care solutions to businesses.

In the rapidly evolving cloud communications space, NetSapiens stands out with its differentiated commercial model and flexible deployment options that allow service providers to consume NetSapiens technology in whatever manner they choose.

Providers can deploy in their cloud or NetSapiens cloud, own or subscribe to consume the software, and benefit from disconnecting platform costs from end-customer pricing.

NetSapiens approach enables providers to:

  • Maintain greater control of their commercial model and the user experience
  • Expand brand equity
  • Operate at much higher profit margins compared to alternative models
  • Enable differentiation through APIs and integrations

NetSapiens provides a disruptive pricing model, whereby it charges providers per concurrent session (call), not on a per-seat basis. This allows providers greater flexibility in addressing diverse endpoints and user needs among their customer base.

By leveraging oversubscription, service providers may continue to charge on a per-seat basis, but keep the margin by only paying for a fraction of those seats.

NetSapiens is well positioned to power cloud communications provider success with the following additional capabilities:

  • Single platform for unified communications as a service (UCaaS), contact center, and video meetings, delivered in a single pane of glass
  • Geo-redundant design assuring high service reliability
  • Extensive technology roadmap
  • 240+ APIs enabling providers to differentiate and deliver tailored solutions to businesses
  • 250+ integrations (with CRM, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  • The agility to address evolving provider and customer trends
Image is a graphic that quotes from the Frost & Sullivan visual whitepaper and includes the following: “NetSapiens value to service providers and their customers is evident in NetSapiens robust growth and other performance metrics (as of February 2021); 18 years in service; 1.7 million application seats; Community of 190+ service provider partners; 4th largest third-party UCaaS vendor in North American market; 40% growth in users from 2019 to 2020, representing the highest growth rate among platform vendors in the intensely competitive North American market.
Source: Frost & Sullivan – reprinted with permission

Get your complimentary copy of the Frost & Sullivan report

The Frost & Sullivan visual white paper titled Enabling Disruption Through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions is available for download now.

You will learn:

  • What APIs businesses plan to use in the near future
  • Top 10 selection criteria that are used to choose a cloud comms provider
  • What 68% of UCaaS buyers say is crucial to their purchase decision
  • Cloud strategies that are key to digital transformation
  • Cloud migration plans for businesses within the next two years
  • How to choose platform partners that unlock value on all levels
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