All the Way from Down Under for UGM’21

“It’s kind of weird because we’re all competitors but we’re a community”

Peter Llewellyn, co-founder and owner of Bespoke Communications, is based in Sydney, Australia, but that didn’t keep him from traveling to San Diego for this year’s NetSapiens User Group Meeting (UGM) because he’s a long-time attendee.

“In 2011 we started Bespoke, and we were reselling Velocity and a couple of other small carriers that didn’t fit into the Velocity bailiwick. And then in 2012, Velocity got purchased by Vonage and kept us in the dark about what they were doing on the channels, so we decided to build our own platform. So we went with NetSapiens and we’ve never looked back.”

Since then, Peter says he’s been a regular attendee of NetSapiens UGMs and that they’re always interesting. “You get to meet people you should say sorry to,” he jokes. “But you also develop good relationships with the developers. I think NetSapiens has done a really good job managing its growth, especially in the type of people they bring into the company.”

Peter goes on to say that some of the things he really likes about UGMs is that “they pack a lot of value” into a few days. “If you’re into sales, there’s a lot of stuff on sales. If you’re into tech, there’s a lot of stuff on technology.”

“It’s a really good opportunity to expand your knowledge base. We’re getting a whole lot of ideas from each other. It’s kind of weird because we’re all competitors but we’re a community,” said Peter.

Regarding UGM ‘21, Peter says some of the highlights for him have been the one-on-one meetings he has had with NetSapiens co-founders David Wang and Anand Buch, and with VP of Engineering Chris Aaker.