Creating Unified Communication Businesses Built for M&A

In our series on MSP M&As based on the white paper, Service Provider Roll-Up Strategies: Accelerating M&A with an Agnostic UC Platform, we’ve discussed a host of topics, ranging from how UCaaS M&As are at an all-time high, how M&As are affecting unified communications, the top challenges MSPs face for M&As, and the central component […]

What Is the Central Component of MSP M&A Success?

M&As are driven by various factors – some of these include increasing scale, entering new markets, reducing competition, new technology, new services, and much more. Mergers and acquisitions are alive and well, but what is the central component of MSP M&A success?

Top 5 Unique MSP M&A Challenges

As normality ramps up and the pandemic becomes an afterthought, M&As are again happening at historic rates. According to a recent Bain & Company report, some tech acquirers are doing up to 30 deals per year, which equates to one every two weeks, allowing them to streamline the integration process and focus on value creation. […]

How M&As Are Affecting Unified Communications

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed organizations across the board getting affected by a barrage of changes in how their business is conducted. While some industries have floundered, others, like unified communications, have flourished. More employees are jumping ship for opportunities that offer flexible work options. It’s led companies to adopt services that enable […]

Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform Wins 2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year

Winning never gets old, and we say that from experience as an organization that continues to rack up the W’s across the board. On our journey to achieving greatness, Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform was awarded the 2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award.  Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, is on record saying that it “is […]

M&As At An All-Time High in Unified Communications

Chart for M&A records from 2015 to 2021. See paragraph below.

There have been six significant “Merger waves” that have taken place in the United States’ history, resulting from a combination of technological, economic, and regulatory activities. Mergers and Acquisitions are nothing new in the business sphere, but the last several years proved to be the “perfect storm” and accelerated the process in the Unified Communications […]

NetSapiens Attends 2022 Channel Partners: Here’s the Highlights

If you were lucky to attend the 2022 Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas this past week, you know that the bounce back from Covid is clear. The record-setting attendance included vast amounts of booths and even more traffic to set off the week, something we haven’t seen for a while. If you couldn’t make […]

Boosting MSP Margins Has Never Been Easier: Here’s How

The primary objective of any business is to grow your revenues and margins while grabbing market share. If you’re an MSP battered down by competition trying to undercut your prices, or you’re stuck with a Software Vendor that doesn’t allow you to create a niche by wrapping value around a solution, then you should read […]