Celebrating 1.7 Million SNAPsolution Users: Recognizing Growth Despite Hardship

We’re now a couple months into 2021, and we’re all forging ahead while trying to preserve the ‘fresh start’ feeling a new year provides. Certainly, 2020 didn’t go the way any of us wanted, did it? But here at netsapiens, we’re deeply honored to say we’ve found a bright spot out of last year.

SNAPsolution, our UC&C platform, recently celebrated its 1.7 millionth user. We take great pride in our ability to provide our customers increased flexibility and efficiency, and 2020 brought many new challenges when working to help service providers meet their end users’ requirements. In the spring, we sped up our launch of version 41 of SNAPsolution in response to global demand for UC&C platforms that could effectively support the sudden shift to remote work. We enhanced SNAPsolution’s integration capacity and added new collaborative features just when our partners needed it the most. The 1.7 million users – representing a 70% user base increase – reinforces the idea that our commitment to our community and partners is worth the effort. 

“Going into 2020, we had really honed our ability to empower service providers to use our feature-rich, cloud native UCaaS platform to accelerate their potential growth in the market,” says Anand Buch, CEO of netsapiens. “The big effort last year was to give our customers new collaboration tools that would help them support businesses adjusting to the sudden increase in remote work caused by the pandemic. We had to accelerate our roll out of v41 of SNAPsolution while still maintaining the quality our customers expect in order to help them keep pace and succeed. We have always worked to maintain that kind of symbiotic relationship with our customers.”

The foundation of our partnerships is the idea that we’ll do what it takes to help your business succeed. If the 1.7 number went down instead of up, that would have meant that we weren’t listening closely, we weren’t enabling growth, and – ultimately – that we weren’t satisfying the requirements of our most important allies: our customers.  

“Our community and our partner network are extremely important to us,” Anand adds. “From the get-go, we’ve been working together to build a value chain that our service provider customers can benefit from as they look to grow their own end-user communities. In many ways, our licensing model helped our customers thrive during a year that placed a significant downdraft on the global economy. The facts are clear – we would not be where we are today without the support of our clients. Throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond, we will continue working together in new ways with our customers to tackle whatever needs they identify in the markets they serve.”

Another reminder that we were on the right track in 2020 is the 2021 TMCnet Remote Pioneer Work Award we received. This is a recognition of the efforts we put into our SNAP.HD virtual collaboration platform to make the teleworking experience as good as it can be. 

We have even bigger plans in store for our valued channel partners. Though we can’t say too much about them yet, in the coming weeks, we will unveil a piece of amazing news that will make it even easier for our partners to get the help and support they need – beyond the technical aspects of deploying and running SNAPsolution.

It’s true – 2020 was tough. But we’re honored to say that, through the trials of the year, our partnerships were strengthened and our commitment to them will only continue to grow. That’s something to look forward to for the rest of 2021 and beyond.