Celebrating 2 Million UCaaS Users

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Despite year 2 of the pandemic, NetSapiens’ partner service providers grew the user base substantially

As we begin the final quarter of 2021, many businesses and individuals have found that this year has been just as challenging as the previous one.

With this in mind, it’s clear to anyone who follows the UCaaS industry that NetSapiens’ service provider partners have done spectacular work in helping us reach the two million end user threshold this past summer. 

For context, the number of NetSapiens end users globally now is more than the combined populations of the cities of San Francisco, CA (800K) and Austin, TX (1.1M)

We’ve achieved this milestone only two years after reaching the one million user mark in September 2019. That’s a 39% CAGR (compound annual growth rate), far greater than the industry average.

This achievement is all due to our loyal community of service provider partners for their continued faith in our organization and our solutions. They are, obviously, the key to our success in reaching the two million plateau so quickly. 

“We love that our service provider customers are always challenging us to meet their end users’ needs and keep innovating and perfecting our products. This was especially true with the overnight shift to a remote workforce last year that moved the UCaaS industry from a mobile first to a video first industry,” said Jason Byrne, NetSapiens SVP of Products and Marketing.

“Our continued investment in our product line to meet the rapidly changing demands of the workforce has helped our service provider partners accelerate and win business.”

NetSapiens’ UC&C platform SNAPsolution provides our customers with an industry-leading complete unified communications and collaboration experience. 

A major milestone

“Two million end users is a major milestone for Crexendo. When Crexendo acquired NetSapiens, we were convinced that it had the best communication platform anywhere. The continued acceptance of the SNAPsolution by millions of end users is confirmation. We are continuing to make enhancements to the platform that will benefit the NetSapiens community and Crexendo telecom customers,” said Crexendo CEO Steven G. Mihaylo

Anand Buch, NetSapiens co-founder and Crexendo’s chief strategy officer says, “This is a very exciting milestone for us. We worked hard as an independent company to be the fastest growing UCaaS platform in North America. When NetSapiens merged with Crexendo, we knew we were joining an organization that demands excellence. We strive for continuous improvement and we’re growing a great company with the help of our partners, our employees, our vendors, and our shareholders.”