Contact Centers: The Next Generation

A contact center is the central hub of communication between a business and its customers with the main goal of improving the overall experience of these interactions.

Both call centers and contact centers route calls to agents and use software to record data for future analysis. However, contact centers go beyond the traditional call center capabilities in order to evolve with modern communication and increasing quality demands. Contact centers have evolved to improve customer experience by allowing multiple channels of communication including SMS, video and more. Additional reporting and real-time monitoring capabilities are also present in contact center software. Contact center analytics allows supervisors to improve performance and productivity more dynamically than ever.

Service providers who sell Unified Communications services today are in a perfect position to capitalize on contact centers. The Contact Center market is predicted to grow to $481 Billion by 2024. This is $337.5Billion more than the predicted growth of the UC market alone. Even on an individual deal basis, contact centers are a profit center. When contact centers are attached to UCaaS services, SPs see an increase of 25-40% per agent seat price.

This means that there is a huge opportunity for service providers who currently focus on voice services to expand their market into the contact center space. Now is the time to strategically add contact center services to UCaaS and claim your portion of the $481Billion!

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