Crexendo<sup>®</sup> Powered by NetSapiens™ Wins Seventh Industry Award This Year with Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

The phrase “remote work is the future” has been echoed thousands of times in the past several years. However, the future is now, and millions across the United States and abroad are taking advantage of the mobility and flexibility brought on by remote work. Crexendo® Powered by NetSapiens™ has worked diligently to deliver a robust platform that supports the modern approach to work, helping us to achieve seven awards throughout the year, including our most recent, the 2022 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award. This past year has been an endless victory parade of industry awards, and before we could blink, we’ve added another to the collection. It’s an honor to be in this position, but there is more work to do.

The global pandemic permanently altered how we work. Prior to its existence, only six percent of employees worked remotely. As of June 2022, 15 percent of full-time employees are working remotely, with 30 percent working hybrid. As these figures continue to increase, born-in-the-cloud platform solutions like Crexendo®’s NetSapiens Platform will continue its industry awards recognition. 

It’s a privilege for Crexendo® to add another award to their collection and serve its customers, especially after winning the TMC Cloud Computing Award, TMC Communications Platform Award, TMC Pandemic Innovation Award, TMC CRM Excellence Award, TMC Remote Work Pioneer Award, Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award, and lastly, the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. Three things are guaranteed in life – death, taxes, and Crexendo® providing an award-winning product for its customers that helps them achieve their lofty goals.  

The TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award honors available products that ensure remote workers have the necessary access to the same communications and other corporate resources they would if they worked on-site. Fortunately, the Crexendo® Platform provides employees with that and more to support the mobile and remote workforces. 

Steve Mihaylo, Chief Executive Officer at Crexendo®, was not surprised when he heard the news. “I think it speaks volumes about the brand we’re building here. We love our customers, and we understand that remote work is here to stay, so we’ve dedicated our resources to developing the best product on the market today. When that is recognized, it’s a testament to the hard work our team puts in every day, and we couldn’t be happier about it.” 

Another recent accomplishment of the Crexendo® Powered by NetSapiens Platform was reaching more than 2.5 million users globally, making us the fastest-growing UCaaS platform on the market. We are also a premier provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), communication platform software solutions, and collaboration services designed to provide enterprise-class cloud communications to any size business through our business partners, agents, and direct channels. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that continues to grow and receive the recognition it deserves. 

The Chief Executive Officer of TMCnet, Rich Tehrani added a comment as well. “The TMCnet Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award recognizes the best and most innovative products that this industry has to offer. Crexendo® has proven their commitment to quality and the further development of Teleworking Solutions through its UCaaS Platform. I’d like to congratulate the entire team at Crexendo® for earning this great honor. I look forward to seeing more innovative solutions from them as they continue to contribute to the future of teleworking.

It’s not our first, and it certainly won’t be our last award if history is any indicator. Our team continues to focus its efforts on improving their product and making remote and hybrid work more accessible to organizations across the globe. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to share what’s next.