Crexendo<sup>®</sup> Talks UCaaS and CCaaS at CVx Expo

From South Florida for our User Group Meeting to the desert, our team has stayed busy making appearances and speaking at key industry events. Fortunately, the most recent event, CVx Expo, was right in our backyard at the beautiful Talk Stick Resort and Casino in neighboring Scottsdale, Arizona. It was a jam-packed two days of expo and sessions for agents. A lot happened, and in case you missed it, let’s delve in below. 

If you’re unfamiliar with CVx Expo, this is the first year it has taken place. It drew in quite a number of visitors, who joined like-minded peers seeking information about emerging and transformational technology topics, such as SD-WAN, remote work, cuber, UCaaS, and CCaaS. CVx gave channel partners and solution providers a much clearer view of the opportunities and strategies for selling in today’s world. After two busy mornings of high-value educational sessions, we learned where the industry is trending toward. 

Some of the highlights are what you might expect from an event of this caliber, and included a round of opening day golf, opening night reception, and the exhibit hall. Being in attendance was an honor, and despite it being the first of its kind, there were no issues. It was a smooth flowing few days, and those responsible for putting it together did an incredible job. 

Below, we will recap what we experienced at some sessions from CVx Expo:

During The CCaaS Session: Selling CCaaS to Non-Call Centers

Although most businesses don’t believe they are contact centers, that is slowly changing. Today, more companies than ever are concerned about analytics, data collection, and insights that bring power and commercial opportunities. 

The President of the telecom strategy and marketing consulting agency RAD-INFO, discussed how the audience of CVx Expo was no longer only CIOs and IT employees in attendance. Peter Radizeski pointed out some pain points, including cost, resistance to change, and workforce gaps. The session was enlightening and brought awareness to the changes happening within the CCaaS industry and how they should be addressed. 

The UCaaS Session: Is There Something Wrong with How UCaaS Is Being Marketed and Sold?

Today, customers seek a specific combination of functionalities. This means sales teams must have a deeper understanding of the product they’re selling. The products, packaging, and features your organization offers must align with what appeals to the prospect in front of you – this is the only way you can provide top-notch service. 

How do you differentiate? What are the pain points? Peter Radizeski asked the audience this, followed by discussing cost and risk. Since IT isn’t the only audience anymore, it might be last in line after leadership, finance, and marketing. The application layer is where the bulk of revenue and profits originate, and adding value through something like integrations opens up more SaaS opportunities. Crexendo®’s NetSapiens Platform has well over 300+ integrations that cater to almost every vertical. 

Panelists also told the audience that  they should focus on internal and external collaboration throughout the sales process. Internal communication is a critical yet often overlooked piece needed to earn a win.

Crexendo®’s NetSapiens Platform Provides an Exceptional UCaaS and CCaaS Solution

Crexendo®’s NetSapiens Platform is the fastest growing UCaaS provider in the United States and boasts more than 2.5 million end-users. Our team recently released its full Omnichannel Contact Center to provide the best CCaaS option in the industry, but what makes us different? Our team has unparalleled knowledge in the communications industry and we provide an unmatched customer experience.

In the past year, we’ve won seven industry awards, highlighting our dedication to the highest quality service. Our VIP Platform is backed by an industry-leading 100% Uptime Guarantee, and we offer a lifetime customer warranty on all Crexendo® devices. Our superior UCaaS and CCaaS offerings simply can’t be beat. It was a fun yet busy few days, but as we decompress, we’ll continue focusing on how we can provide our partners with the best service in the industry. If you’d like to become a partner, visit our website to learn more.