Crexendo<sup>®</sup> User Group Meeting 2023 – A Networking and Innovation Extravaganza!

The NetSapiens User Group Meeting (UGM) 2023 held on 16th-19th October was an incredible event that brought together professionals in the communications industry for a week of learning, networking, and innovation. With a packed agenda spanning four days, attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest trends, products, and strategies in the field. In this post-event recap, we’ll take a closer look at the key highlights from each day of this exciting event.

Monday got off to an exciting start, offering attendees a vibrant celebration to kick off the event. The Partner Advisory Council Meeting laid the groundwork for strategic discussions, while the International Partner Reception served as a global networking hub for partners from around the globe. That night marked a fantastic celebration with our welcome Reception & v44 Release, fostering valuable discussions and connections.

The next day, the UGM event was a vibrant hub of knowledge exchange and education. We started off with a delicious breakfast, where attendees gathered to fuel up for the exciting day ahead. A record 43 sponsors showcased their innovations, solutions, and insights while networking with partners from over 5 continents. The morning was ablaze with discussions on v44, API 2.0, and CPaaS, highlighting the latest trends and technologies in the industry. The day continued with an opportunity for the tech folks to engage in a new Developers Den, providing a hands-on experience with the newly released API 2.0 and the rapidly growing CPaaS industry. For the business leaders, sessions covering high-growth strategies, the impact of AI on communication along with CCaaS workshops were held, offering valuable insights from our community. We then gathered for an evening reception at the Musical Instrument Museum offering a captivating experience, combining live music from various cultures, networking opportunities, and a global culinary journey. Attendees were immersed in a world of diverse musical expression and left with enriched connections and lasting memories.

As the sun rose on Wednesday, a new day of exciting opportunities and intensive learning dawned at the UGM 2023 event, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Another busy sponsor showcase day buzzing with energy as experts and industry leaders discussing their groundbreaking solutions. Topics of management, troubleshooting, and user experience were at the forefront, providing valuable insights into the challenges and solutions that the industry faces. I could only imagine the rich discussions and ideas that were being exchanged. LMS Panel Training & Implementation insights were the next order of business, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of learning management systems with all these topics, the room was filled with the sound of conversation and collaboration as attendees absorbed the knowledge shared during these sessions.  But the grand finale of the day and the entire event was the special dinner and private rodeo at Corona Ranch. As the sun set over the Arizona landscape, attendees gathered for an evening of camaraderie and excitement. Laughter and cheers filled the air as we enjoyed a delicious meal and watched in awe as skilled riders took on the rodeo.

As the final day dawned, there was a bittersweet feeling in the air, for it was the closing day of our remarkable event. Little did we know that this day would turn out to be nothing short of extraordinary. The Technical Track commenced with a mouthwatering breakfast, setting the stage for what would be a day filled with knowledge and inspiration. On center stage, delving into the product roadmap and surveys, providing attendees with a glimpse into the future of what leading an industry looks like. The room buzzed with excitement as participants absorbed the valuable insights shared. Meanwhile in the Go-To-Market room we were treated to a wealth of information on how to improve your media signal strategies and business updates. The discussions were dynamic, and the room was alive with the exchange of ideas.

The afternoon culminated with Crexendo’s inaugural Codefest, and it was a testament to the innovation and collaborative spirit of the NetSapiens platform community. Codefest, where developers showcased their creativity and coding skills, offered a glimpse into the future of communication technology, while the hackathon provided a dynamic platform for participants to address real-world challenges in real-time. Both categories were filled with brilliant minds and the electric buzz of problem-solving, making it clear that the UGM community is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries in the field of communications.


In conclusion, UGM 2023 was a remarkable week of innovation and networking within the NetSapiens platform community. From the exciting kickoff on Monday to the hands-on learning and insightful discussions throughout the week, attendees had the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends, products, and strategies. The event showcased the collaborative spirit and pioneering mindset of the NetSapiens community. As we bid farewell to this exceptional event, we look forward to future UGMs that will undoubtedly continue to drive the industry forward and foster valuable connections among professionals in the communications field. It was a week to remember, and the memories and knowledge gained will continue to shape the future of our industry.