Crexendo<sup>®</sup> Wins Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award for the 2nd Time

After an exceptionally productive year that consisted of win after win, Crexendo® stepped into the new year right where it left off. Our inbox pinged with a notification that we’d earned yet another award for a critical aspect of our platform, demonstrating that we’ve carried over the success from last year and continue to solidify our reputation as an innovator. TMCnet’s 2022 Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award was for our NetSapiens Platform Hosted Services offering. This award validates our reliability title and allows our users to devote their complete trust into our platform. It’s quite an honor to receive this particular distinction because of its importance for our customers.

The goal of cloud backup and disaster recovery is to minimize downtime, reduce data loss, and ensure business continuity by providing quick access to critical information and systems in the event of a disaster or data loss. Our world-class hosted Unified Communications solution and data centers have delivered on the promise and have earned the award for the 2nd time.

The Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award recognizes technologies and vendors that have developed cloud solutions that empower businesses, either small or large, to remain active and productive, no matter the conditions. The primary objective of this technology is to minimize lost business opportunities. 

Rich Tehrani, who we’ve become quite familiar with, had the following to say about our platform. “Recognizing excellence in the advancement of cloud computing technologies, Cloud Computing magazine is proud to announce Crexendo® as a recipient of the Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award. Crexendo® is being honored for their achievement in bringing innovation to the market, while leveraging the latest technology trends.”

Fortunately, we’ve hit the ground running in the new year, and it’s a sign of the success we’re looking to achieve while providing our customers with the highest quality product on the market. Crexendo® continues to grow its presence on the market, and we’re currently ranked as the fastest-growing UCaaS provider in the United States. With that growth, we’ll continue investing in our platform to ensure our customers have the highest customer experience available today. If you’d like to learn more about UCaaS and how Crexendo® can help your business stay safe, reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives to find out what makes us different by scheduling a free demo today?