Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform Wins 2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year

2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year | Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform

Winning never gets old, and we say that from experience as an organization that continues to rack up the W’s across the board. On our journey to achieving greatness, Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform was awarded the 2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award. 

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, is on record saying that it “is truly an innovative product amongst the best solutions available within the past twelve months that facilitates business-transforming cloud computing and communications. I look forward to continued excellence from Crexendo’s NetSapiens team in 2022 and beyond.”

It’s one thing to have your customers recognize the quality of your product, but to garner attention from well-recognized organizations like TMC and receive awards is another level. Our commitment to excellence and serving our customers will continue to be our top priority, but getting this kind of attention solidifies the time and work we’ve put into developing the best product on the market. 

Our 2022 Cloud Computing Award is one in a long line of awards Crexendo’s NetSapiens Platform has received this year. It’s an honor to be mentioned in the face of greatness, and this will only motivate us to continue producing a product that sits atop the perch.