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Unparalleled Growth

“NetSapiens sessions over seats
has allowed us to grow during the
pandemic by over 50%.”

Nicky Smith
CEO of Carolina Digital Phone

True Partnership

“The level of partnership is one that I’ve
never heard of or seen in all my years in
information technology”

Gary Goerke
CTO of Clarity Voice

Extraordinary Releases

“The product feature releases have been extraordinary, every time they do a new release I’m wow’ed with all the new stuff.”

Dave Burr
President of SUMOFIBER

Stability & Attention

“For us stability was the single most important reason migrating to NetSapiens. I love the attention they give us, more so than any of our other vendors.”

Dave Leidy, CEO, SpectrumVoIP

Leaving Broadsoft

“Were on a Broadsoft platform, moved to NetSapiens for the feature set and disruptive pricing model”

Ryan Rostvold, VP Technology, Hypercore Networks

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“Customers enjoy the reliability that NetSapiens brings and we have a partner that is willing to work with us to grow the business”

Ray Orsini

Disruptive Pricing Model

“We were tired of vendors nickle and diming us, NetSapiens had a very simple and disruptive pricing model.”

Adam Sherman
CTO of Versature


“We moved off our home-grown platform and with the huge number of features, scalability & Geo-Redundancy, our partnership with NetSapiens lets us focus on growing our business.”

Harry Orchard
CEO of Gabbit

Knowledgeable People

“Access to very knowledgeable and personable people who are willing to partner with us and help our customer base”

Jeff Ogden, EVP, Spectrum VoIP

Contact Center & Healthcare

“The intuitive and robust feature set has helped us be a major Contact Center player in the healthcare industry”

Lindsey Brundege, Director Business Development, DiRad

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