Disruption + Upheaval = Opportunity

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Consulting firm advises service providers to help customers view challenges as opportunities

In a recently released “visual white paper” authored by Frost & Sullivan, the business consulting firm advises service providers to assist their clientele in taking advantage of the business opportunities that arise from upheaval and disruption—like the coronavirus pandemic.

By reframing negative events like the recent global lockdown, Frost & Sullivan believes “significant opportunities often emerge out of disruption. Service providers must help customers build sustainable business models for the future of work.”

Service provider advice

Offering sage advice specifically for cloud communications service providers and UCaaS vendors in “the age of pervasive transformation,” the white paper states that they should:

  • Capitalize on the rising cloud services adoption by leveraging the right technology capabilities and a differentiated value proposition.
  • Deliver secure, scalable, and reliable cloud communications solutions supported by a platform that continually evolves to align with shifting market trends.
  • Balance eager pursuit of growth opportunities with keen focus on profitable operations to ensure long-term success.
  • Carefully evaluate technology partners. Focus on the ability to expand brand equity and protect customer relationships.
  • Select a technology partner that best caters to each provider’s requirements and its end customer specific needs.

A compelling tech partner

Frost & Sullivan ends the document with a list of good reasons for service providers to consider selecting NetSapiens as a platform partner. NetSapiens has: 

  • A disruptive pricing model 
  • Flexible technology consumption options 
  • Empowerment of service provider brands
  • Responsiveness to evolving provider needs position 

In conclusion, Frost & Sullivan say, “NetSapiens [is] a compelling technology partner for providers seeking to future-proof their cloud communications offerings.”

Get your complimentary copy of the Frost & Sullivan report

The Frost & Sullivan visual white paper titled Enabling Disruption Through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions is available for download now.

 You will learn 

  • What APIs businesses plan to use in the near future
  • Top 10 types of criteria that are used to choose a cloud comms provider
  • What 68% of UCaaS buyers say is crucial to their purchase decision
  • Cloud strategies that are key to digital transformation
  • Cloud migration plans for businesses within the next two years
  • How to choose platform partners that unlock value on all levels
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Next week’s Frost & Sullivan report-inspired blog: The Savvy Move – Accelerating Tech Investments During the Pandemic

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