Fast-growing Filipino Telecom Distributor Partners with NetSapiens

Why Gur Lavi selected NetSapiens 

Gur Lavi Corporation (GLC) is a telco distributor specialising in business communication solutions including world-class IP telephony, on-premises and cloud solutions, voice and video solutions, IP PBX and gateways, SIP devices and session border control solutions. 

From humble beginnings 8+ years ago, GLC has now cemented its place as one of the fastest growing telecommunications distributors in the Philippines, with much of its success attributed to its customer centric approach.

GLC’s mission is to redefine telephony distribution in the Philippines and help its customers achieve their business goals by being a world-class provider of high-quality products and excellent service delivery. 

Due to the wide range of products that the company carries, GLC has been serving business partners that target both SME and Large Enterprise segments in the country for many years. In growing its network of resellers, system integrators, and telco partners, GLC is helping to drive competition in the market and bring innovation and new levels of services to customers across the Philippines.

“People buy the solution that we offer to their companies to enable them to operate at their maximum potential. This is the basic mindset and bedrock principle of Gur Lavi as an organization that trickles down from our CEO. We find ways to be of value to our customers, offering them one-stop-shop business communication solutions with excellent quality and competitive pricing. We also value our relationship with our customers because we believe that it is one of the ways to harness loyalty, retention, and advocacy in the long run,” said Erwin Co, President, of Gur Lavi Communications.

3 major factors

“There are three major factors why I chose NetSapiens to be our partner. Number one, their industry experience. Number two, the features and capabilities of their platform. And lastly, their disruptive pricing scheme,” stated Erwin. 

Erwin goes on to say that because NetSapiens has a track record of having been in the UC space for almost 20 years, with close to 200 partners globally, he felt confident in his choice. “And their platform is very comprehensive and flexible, which allows us to create products and services as we see fit for our local market.”

“The features that NetSapiens offer is comparable, if not far superior, to any product out there with a pricing model of pay-per-seat, which gives us the flexibility to enter and compete in any market. And as a result, this gives our company the leverage to acquire more customers from different industries and segments.”

“We chose NetSapiens to partner with because they have the best solution for our needs and customers,” said Erwin. “NetSapiens is helping us service our growing list of Filipino organizations. Our timely delivery of products and value-adding to promote partner profitability is resulting in stronger business relationships. GLC wants to create long-term relationships by providing our enterprise customers with innovative, yet affordable business communication solutions. NetSapiens is helping us and our customers reach our business goals.”

GLC aims to be an integral part of every organizations’ communication platform, from on-premises to cloud-based solutions, whether it be the micro, SME, or enterprise markets through its wide range of world-class communication products and services while maintaining its solid business relationships with its valuable partners.

“GLC is made up of passionate individuals, all working on a common goal, to know and understand our partners and customers in order to deliver what they truly deserve: unparalleled customer experiences,” states Erwin. 

A valuable partnership for NetSapiens

“NetSapiens is delighted to be working with Gur Lavi Communications because their commitment to customer service and innovation is unquestioned and they are a valuable partner for us in the region,” said Scott Goodwin, NetSapiens’ Senior Vice President for International Development.  

Goodwin continues, “GLC’s unquestionable knowledge of the Philippines market and their dedication to raising the bar in the region in terms of service delivery and product capability has made them a delight to work with.”