Fastest-Growing Platform in North America

Frost & Sullivan dives deep into the UCaaS industry and identifies NetSapiens as a leader with user growth up 40%

Forgive us for bragging a bit. It’s not often that a vendor is validated by a respected marketing research firm. So we’re taking a moment to revel in and share the news and insights from a recent Frost & Sullivan white paper.

NetSapiens 4th largest third-party UCaaS vendor in North America

In addition to having the “highest growth rate among platform vendors in the intensely competitive North American market,” NetSapiens is in the upper echelon of UCaaS vendors with 190+ service provider partners and 1.7 million application seats.

Challenging the status quo

Anand Buch, co-founder and CEO of NetSapiens, says, “I am very proud that we are now ranked #4 by UCaaS seats in the North American market. By changing the procurement and consumption of UC&C and contact center solutions for our customers, we’ve been able to quickly grow our user base and add real value to the market.”

Image is a graphic that quotes from the Frost & Sullivan visual whitepaper and includes the following: “NetSapiens value to service providers and their customers is evident in NetSapiens robust growth and other performance metrics (as of February 2021); 18 years in service; 1.7 million application seats; Community of 190+ service provider partners; 4th largest third-party UCaaS vendor in North American market; 40% growth in users from 2019 to 2020, representing the highest growth rate among platform vendors in the intensely competitive North American market.

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Cover of the Frost & Sullivan visual whitepaper with the title that reads “Enabling Disruption through Innovative Business Models and Advanced Cloud Collaboration Solutions” and a subtitle that reads “Choose Platform Partners that Unlock Value on all Levels.” The copy is set against a blue background with a transparent globe looking at the northern hemisphere and Europe.

You will learn

  • How to choose platform partners that unlock value on all levels
  • What APIs do businesses plan to use in the near future
  • Top 10 types of criteria that are used to choose a cloud communications provider
  • What 68% of UCaaS buyers say is crucial to their purchase decision
  • Cloud strategies that are key to digital transformation
  • Cloud migration plans for businesses within the next two years

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