Guiding Businesses on their Digital Transformation Journeys

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Partners help companies face cloud migration challenges

Experts and non-experts alike foresee the future of business founded on advanced technology and agile business models. As with all prognostication, nothing is certain but it’s a pretty sure bet that digital transformation and cloud migration are going to relentlessly continue on.

Like hearty explorers and veteran trailblazers, businesses know there are many hurdles and challenges to be cleared along the way. Trusted partners will be required to help organizations get to the “promised land.”

The guides

MSPs (managed services providers), VARs (value-added resellers), CSPs (communications services providers) and other experienced third parties are the guides most companies rely on to help handle digital transformation and cloud migration challenges.

This requirement creates great growth opportunities for cloud services providers to assist businesses in getting the maximum ROI on cloud communications and collaboration investments. By identifying and improving KPIs (key performance indicators) and continuously optimizing tech deployments as goals change or new ones arise, businesses will have smoother and more successful transformation journeys.

Cloud communications and collaboration providers must be prepared to address top customer concerns and service requirements. Organizations that want their communications and collaboration needs to be met turn to NetSapiens UCaaS award-winning products like SNAPsolution(R).

“Providers with the right technology tool set, strong cloud expertise, and deep understanding of businesses’ IT challenges, goals, and transformation objectives are poised to best capitalize on this potential.” 

Frost & Sullivan, May 2021

Frost & Sullivan survey results


ChallengePercentage of respondents
Allowing employees access to company data and applications
Supporting remote workers’ technologies35%
Maintaining security and compliance35%
Limited or inadequate remote support tools29%
Uncertainty about the future number of remote workers26%
Reprinted from Frost & Sullivan May 2021

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