Hosted PBX Platform for Service Providers

Powerful Unified Communications features coupled with our disruptive pricing model. 

With NetSapiens multi-tenant Hosted PBX platform, you are finally free from seats and features-based pricing models. And you have true geographic redundancy to deliver unparalleled service to your customers.

Ray Orsini

We Are Profitable

“NetSapiens has allowed us to have a hosted offering that’s carrier-class where we’re offering something with geo-redundancy and all the bells and whistles. Our customers love it because they have the comfort of the reliability and all the new features – and does it at a cost where as a business owner we can be profitable. We really appreciate that.”

– Ray Orsini, OIT

Revolutionize your business!

Say “so long” to the phone equipment room of yesterday and hello to a profitable, highly scalable and affordable virtual PBX platform. NetSapiens SNAPsolution-enabled Hosted PBX platform enables you to offer a full suite of features and functionality (typically associated with traditional PBX) along with those enabled by cloud-based UC systems. And the best part – it saves your customers money!

SNAPsolution Hosted PBX Platform displayed on Devices

What is Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX, also known as a Cloud PBX or Virtual PBX, is a cloud-based Private Branch Exchange system which is accessed through an IP network. Hosted PBX’s are managed completely off-site, cutting out the large investment and ongoing maintenance. Instead of having a phone equipment room and knowledgeable staff, business owners are able to manage their phone system through an easy-to-use portal. Leaving the complexities of a traditional PBX system behind.

Service Providers can easily offer a Virtual PBX solution to far more markets and verticals than traditional PBX systems could ever reach. Because of its extreme affordability, a Hosted PBX solution is a lot easier for Small to Medium Businesses to adopt. Which makes selling UC that much easier for the Service Providers.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Affordability: as stated above, a Virtual PBX is way more affordable than it’s predecessor. Businesses no longer need to invest in costly hardware and software, pay for installation, or manage the system.

Feature-Packed: SMBs now have access to all the greatest features that previously only Enterprises could afford. Features such as conferencing, call recording, call routing, SMS, mobilityanalyticsgeographic redundancy, and so much more!

Quick Deployment: most businesses have their Hosted PBX setup and running in less than 24 hours. Moreover, because of the ease of usability, businesses can turn on or off features within minutes.

What does this means for Providers?

A Hosted PBX, or Cloud UC solution, means higher margins and a larger target audience for your business. But, finding the right PBX Platform provider to partner with plays a role in your success. Explore the Top Features Your UCaaS Vendor Should Have and see how NetSapiens meets those expectations.

NetSapiens Hosted PBX Platform: Make it Your Own!

NetSapiens offers all of this functionality in a simple concurrent call licensing model, so that you don’t have to worry about adding features on an a-la-carte basis as needed. With our solution, you have the ability to differentiate by bundling these features in different packages to meet the unique needs of your smallest business, your largest enterprise, or anywhere in between.

The Only Pricing Model of it’s Kind

Most Hosted PBX switch providers offer the whistles and bells but where we stand alone is in our billing strategy. We bill based on Sessions, not per seat! This means you can oversubscribe for your phone lines and hosted phone seats which equates to more money in your pocket.

True Active/Active Geographic Redundancy

Service Providers offering Hosted PBX and Unified Communications service to their end-users absolutely need to get High Availability right. And the only way to achieve High Availability is with Geographic Redundancy. Read more about what Geo-Redundancy is and why your Service Provider business needs it here.