How Far Off is the Autonomous Customer?

An update on contact center realities

Customer experience is everything in the digital economy. There is no doubt the shift to online communication has raised the bar in customer service. However, when you look past the hype, not all channels are growing.

In this webinar, NetSapiens and Poly discuss the trends in usage, importance, and use cases of the various contact center communication channels in the never ending push to enable the “autonomous customer.”

Viewers will learn

  • A realistic timeline for the aspiration of the “autonomous customer”
  • A snapshot of today’s channel usage
  • Which channels are expected to dominate, and which channels are the rising stars, and use cases for both
  • What the future of customer experience will look like
  • Why voice is the most critical channel today
  • How to improve the customer experience by using the right voice tools for your business

Who should view

  • Decision makers on technology platforms for service providers
  • Those interested in contact center trends
  • Those looking for insights into customer experience trends
  • Contact center managers
  • Contact center IT managers

Watch the Webinar

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