How Service Providers Should Chase the Growing Contact Center Market

The cloud-based contact center market is growing. According to, it will reach a total value of US $20.93 billion by 2022 – three times more than it was worth in 2017. As competition heats up, contact center operators find themselves searching for ways to improve efficiency and drive revenue. For the industry as a whole, ensuring consistently positive customer experiences (CX) is of paramount importance. To do this well, however, contact centers need Unified Communications (UC). We’ve written a FREE REPORT that goes into this in detail, but here’s the key takeaway.

A reliable, highly available UC platform like SNAPsolution, coupled with a flexible, real-time analytics package, is the only way for contact centers to get a leg up on customer demands and the competition.

Here’s why.

The Customer of 2019

Today’s customers are more empowered than ever. One study, for example, found that almost 70% of customers will take their business elsewhere due to a bad CX. As well, they are eager to capitalize on new technologies like text messaging and online chats to elicit faster support. That said, telephone agents and telephone self-service applications will still comprise a combined 75-80% of all inbound contact center interactions. As a result, it’s critical that contact centers start by investing in a UC platform to get their foundational voice services right. Once that is done, a flexible UC platform with multiple feature sets and functionalities can allow a contact center to layer on innovative self-service, mobility, chatbot and AI-based applications.

Benefits of Cloud-Based UC Solutions

By far, the largest benefit of a UC platform like SNAPsolution is that it can truly give contact centers the base they need to unify previously siloed customer service programs into one holistic approach. If managers, agents and trainees can synchronize their efforts seamlessly, it becomes much easier to address customer queries in a timely, efficient manner. More importantly, the UC platform should also go hand in hand with a dynamic, customizable analytics package like our SNAPanalytics. This way contact center operators can identify and act upon real-time data insights in order to streamline the all-important CX.

Contact Center Market Growth

The good news for our service provider customers is that the time is right to get involved with offering contact centers the one-two punch that is SNAPsolution and SNAPanalytics combined. In fact, according to, the cloud-based contact center sector is set to grow to $20.93 billion by 2022 – three times its value at the end of 2017. Thanks to this surge, service providers are perfectly positioned to ease the growing pains of modern contact centers.
You can find out more about just how contact center operators can leverage SNAPsolution and SNAPanalytics by downloading our FREE REPORT titled Contact Centers: The Next Generation. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Key customer service stats and how they affect contact centers
  • Key benefits cloud-native UC platforms like SNAPsolution provide
  • The Top 5 advantages of utilizing our SNAPanalytics solution
  • Innovative applications that contact centers are eager to adopt

So, if you’re interested in going after the contact center market and helping your customers drive CX and revenue, this report is for you. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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