Hundreds Enjoy NetSapiens UGM Opening Night Reception

“The message tonight is gratitude”

The NetSapiens User Group Meeting (UGM) got off to an amazing start yesterday evening with an opening reception at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa on the Skyline Terrace that overlooks the San Diego Bay and is a stone’s throw from the Coronado Bridge.

With a made-to-order full moon above, several hundred UGM attendees enjoyed the spectacular city lights view, the cool ocean breeze, and face-to-face socializing. People have come from all over the U.S. (Arizona, Oregon, Texas, New York, Florida) and Canada to participate in the conference.

Anand Buch, NetSapiens co-founder and Crexendo’s Chief Strategy Officer spoke briefly to the crowd saying, “It’s really, really satisfying to actually see everyone face-to-face again. It was almost 3 years ago when we were last able to do this in Puerto Rico. So those of you who have come out, I want to thank you. And I want to thank the community of service providers that have allowed us to flourish as much as we have.”

Anand Buch speaks at the UGM opening reception.

“If it wasn’t for the community, the ecosystem, the work that we all do together, we wouldn’t have been able to succeed over the very, very strange last two years with respect to the pandemic and a lot of the changes that have gone on in our personal lives and professional lives.”

“The message tonight is gratitude. I’m very grateful that we’ve been able to get together again. I’m grateful for the community to be here supporting us. I’m grateful for the ecosystem of service providers that have come out and sponsored this event. And I’m grateful for our marketing team for working tirelessly to get this event up and running.”

NetSapiens “Tireless” Marketing Team mans the registration desk at UGM

“Priceless” events

Anand concluded his remarks saying, “These events that we have in the evening are priceless in my opinion because of the connections that we make and the learning that we can do outside of the formal settings is as valuable. And again, I’m very grateful that we’re able to do this again.”

Three days full of educational and networking opportunities 

Over the course of three days in Coronado, UGM attendees will have their choice to participate in 54 separate sessions divided into 4 tracks: NetSapiens Community (14), Technical (18), Sales & Marketing (6), and Networking (16).  Follow this blog to read daily overviews and updates of these sessions and other UGM events.

Tonight’s Big Social Event 

This evening there will be an dinner cruise around San Diego Bay on Flagship Cruise’s California Spirit. The boat ride begins at 5:30pm, boarding from the Marriott Hotel’s dock on the 158-foot yacht that features two climate-controlled levels with open-air decks.