Integrating Siloed Services with Cloud Collaboration Suites

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Cloud services must be deployed properly and efficiently

The writing is on the wall. To be successful post-pandemic, businesses of all stripes and colors are going to need cloud services. And it will be critical for these cloud services to be deployed properly and efficiently. 

All the technology that may have been deployed quickly and, perhaps, haphazardly last year thanks to the coronavirus threat, now needs to be reviewed and likely recalibrated, realigned, and redesigned. 

Business environment demands
The current and future business environment demands that workplace technology be constantly adjusted to provide improved user experiences and more efficient IT administration. Therefore, all the standalone, siloed services for messaging, calling, meeting, and contact centers should be broken down and integrated into one platform or replaced by pre-integrated cloud collaboration suites like those offered by NetSapiens.

Collaboration tools migrating to the cloud

In a visual white paper recently released by Frost & Sullivan, the consulting firm surveyed companies and confirmed that “cloud migration is well underway across collaboration tools and will remain on a steady growth trajectory for the foreseeable future.” 

Within two years, the survey data foresees that around 83% of the respondents will have video conferencing in the cloud. Along the same timeline, 79% of those surveyed expect to have their IM and presence in the cloud as well.

Getting it right
Cloud services must meet the ever-changing corporate and user requirements for communication, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any network. And these organizations need their cloud services to scale correctly for the workforce size and type.

Businesses must also integrate collaboration tools with other existing solutions to improve vital workflows and deliver the most benefits to users. Clearly, endpoint solutions should do more than just one thing. Limited functionality, like cloud calling services that aren’t integrated with meetings and messaging, aren’t going to be acceptable. Organizations now want their communications and collaboration needs to be met by UCaaS trailblazing products like SNAPsolution(R).

Frost & Sullivan survey results


ApplicationsCurrently deployed in the cloudWill be deployed to the cloud within 2 years
Video Conferencing54%29%
Instant Messaging  & Presence44%35%
Customer Experience Management42%38%
Enterprise IP Telephony39%38%

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