Dave George

SVP Revenue and Customer Experience

Dave brings over two decades of leadership and enterprise management experience to NetSapiens. Client acquisition and mutually beneficial relationships, as well as values-based leadership and team development have been a consistent factor in all of Dave’s professional endeavors. Dave has founded several successful companies, all of which enjoyed significant growth and success with him at the helm.

For much of the new millennium, Dave managed the family ILEC, Ironton Telephone, and its CLEC, Service Electric Telephone. Under Dave’s leadership, the ILEC and CLEC quickly evolved from being a small rural telco to one of the fastest growing privately owned telecommunications companies in Pennsylvania. In 2010, seeing the evolution of land based telecom and the shift from premise to cloud services, Dave, as Chairman of the Board, founded Ironton Global, an ITSP, to offer next generation SIP and Hosted IP-PBX services. At the same time, Dave also founded Telzy, a business based on the deployment of a multi-lingual mobile app for iOS and Android, designed to deliver affordable international calling to over 180 countries around the world.

Then in 2011, seeing a need to redefine and improve the sales consultative process for Enterprise and SMB Cloud Communications and Computing, Dave, as CEO, co-founded GreenStar Solutions, creating a business that was geared for the next evolution in Cloud and the continual improvement in the client experience.

Today Dave proudly serves the NetSapiens leadership and staff in fostering an energetic and collaborative culture, designed to create purpose for all within the company and an open ecosystem for our clients, thus enhancing the customer experience and increasing the NetSapiens value proposition.

Outside of work, Dave serves on several telecommunications advisory boards. He also enjoys teaching Jujutsu and Aikido, sailing, scuba diving, freediving, the Lower Florida Keys and traveling with his fiance Michelle and their three children Corey, Megan and Tyler.