London’s Community Fibre Launches Voice Services Powered by NetSapiens

Bringing faster, more affordable broadband connectivity to Londoners

Community Fibre, a broadband company exclusively serving the residents and businesses of London, has launched a voice service powered by the SNAPsolution platform.

Community Fibre is a leading alternative network operator in the UK. Its mission is to bring faster, more affordable broadband connectivity to over a million homes and businesses within London—especially those who would benefit the most from it—by working with councils, housing associations, and private landlords. Following the recent capital raise of £400 million, Community Fibre is one of the fastest growing alt-nets in the United Kingdom. 

Unlike many other providers, Community Fibre rolls out and operates its own dedicated full fibre network, running fibre optic cable all the way into the home or business (FTTH), for maximum speed, reliability, and efficiency. And Community Fibre prices its services so that every Londoner can afford and enjoy fast, reliable broadband access.

A great partnership

NetSapiens International Managing Director Scott Goodwin says, “We’re delighted that Community Fibre selected NetSapiens to power its voice service. We pride ourselves in working with leading providers in their sector and assisting them in delivering the best services and outcomes for their customers — and Community Fibre certainly fits in that profile.” 

“We recognise the importance of voice as part of our overall service offer to all our customers. Working with NetSapiens has enabled us to deliver a highly functional and reliable service,” said Community Fibre’s CCO Peter Rampling.

As Community Fibre leads the way in bringing faster broadband at a fairer price to the residents of London, NetSapiens is excited to be a partner in its goal to bring “better internet for everyone.”