Mavenir & Crexendo Partner Up for Epic UCaaS & CCaaS Pairing

When you’re mentioned by telecommunications expert Dave Michels of no jitter, you’ve managed to do something right. Fortunately, that’s the case for Mavenir and Crexendo, who recently teamed up on UCaaS & CCaaS to expand their offerings. Michels considers this an “intriguing” partnership, with Crexendo adding Mavenir’s CCaaS solutions to their portfolio of products for service providers and Mavenir adding Crexendo’s UCaaS solution for mobile network operator providers.

This is an incredible opportunity for two well-established organizations. Mavenir receives a mobile-optimized UCaaS provider that service providers can brand, while Crexendo’s providers receive a brandable, multi-channel CCaaSS. Calling it a “match made in heaven” wouldn’t be going too far.

Crexendo’s NetSapiens platform hosts 200 independent service providers and supports over two million UCaaS users. Each company will provide new offerings for this partnership: Mavenir Connect 2.0 Powered by Crexendo and Crexendo CX Powered by Mavenir.

The pairing will benefit significantly from several trends, including the convergence of UCaaS, CCaaS, mobility, the rise of private-label comms, and UCCaaS + mobility. Stay tuned for more details.

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