Video Conferencing
& Collaboration

Enable your Customers to Collaborate from Anywhere with Anyone

  • Video Conferencing
  • Webinars
  • Scheduling
  • Meeting Recordings
  • Join On the Go
  • Share Content
  • Chat

Make Meetings More Personal with Best-in-Class Video Conferencing

Simple to Use

Offer a simple to use video conferencing & collaboration solution all in one place.

Industry Leading

Meet your customers organizational needs with industry leading Security & Compliance offerings.


Enable Face-to-Face meetings with one-on-one, the full team or run a company-wide town hall.

In-Room Feeling

Deliver an immersive in-office same-room feeling experience.

Your Brand

Promote your brand, instead of hanging out with other brands.


Individual detailed and aggregate meeting & usage reports.


Customize your offering to improve your margins.


Digital equivalent to an open office space.

Monetize & Brand Your Secure Webinar Solution

  • Easy setup & registration.
  • Easily reach 1000 attendees so you can effectively host large-scale events or webinars.
  • Automated Email Invitations / Confirmations / Reminders.
  • Brand your webinars, event invitations and registration site.
  • Record, replay and reuse your Webinar for on-demand viewing with a single click.
  • Deliver unmatched reliability while keeping your information safe.
  • Unlock the power of Webinars in Demand Generation for Marketers, Corporate Trainers & Customer Service or town hall meetings.

Enable your customers to Collaborate in a Shared Workspace

Share quickly and securely from anywhere.

Full suite of collaboration tools to share screens, share just an app, or file sharing.

Bring the team together with a shared workspace for improved collaboration.

Edit files in real-time.

Cloud Recordings

Cloud recording, replay or download your Online Meetings for on-demand viewing with a single click.
Don’t just record the video, record the important stuff, the collaboration on screen and the chat too.

Join on the Go

  • Secure face to face meetings wherever you are.
  • Call-In or Call-Out to remote participants.
  • Collaborate Anywhere on any device.
  • Empowering Employees to work remote and stay connected.
  • Work from Anywhere and Still Show Up.
video conferencing and collaboration solution

Help Teams Stay Connected with Instant Messaging / Chat

  • Connect Instantly and boost team culture with in-office experience.
  • Reducing Email Clutter.
  • Taking Conversations anywhere
  • Share files in chat for better collaboration
  • Connecting teams and streamlining communication.
  • 1:1 and Team chat simultaneously.
video conferencing and collaboration solution
video conferencing and collaboration solution

Seamless Scheduling

Calendar Integrations with Google & Microsoft.