Microsoft Teams + NetSapiens + Service Provider = Unlimited Opportunities

Collaborative platforms don’t have to be a threat to your communications service offerings

Because it’s now essential for employees to communicate with each other from anywhere at any time, it should surprise no one that the adoption of collaboration software has skyrocketed in the last year and half. Looking at you, Covid-19.

Microsoft Teams now has 250 million active users, up from just 32 million when the pandemic hit last year. While there may be no “i” in team—there are now almost 500 million eyes on Microsoft Teams. 

That’s a lot of new people, a lot of growth, and a lot of opportunity for service providers because Microsoft Teams is not a complete solution. 

Yes, the Teams features may overlap the UC&C (unified communications and collaboration) services you provide, but the good news is that you can make this work to your advantage.

Where Microsoft Teams ends, your unique services begin

NetSapiens has a complete UC&C platform called SNAPsolution that integrates directly into the Microsoft Teams Portal. And it has features that aren’t available in the Teams platform.

Teams offers just 35 features and a basic phone system. By contrast, SNAPsolution offers 5X as many features, including: 

With SNAPsolution, you can integrate your services seamlessly into Microsoft Teams and use your unique expertise as a service provider to create customized solutions.

Visibility for your brand

With your customized solutions and NetSapiens, it would be an easy decision for businesses that already invested in the Microsoft suite to add you as a service provider.

Also, to increase your name recognition and branding, NetSapiens allows you to display your logo on the sidebar, and give end-users access to your branded portal within the Teams UI (user interface). There’s no new logins, no new windows, just more capabilities all around. 

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A major win

“Though Teams users are becoming more engaged with its platform than ever, they are increasingly finding themselves limited by its 35 features,” said Jason Byrne, NetSapiens SVP of Products and Marketing.

“In order to incorporate specific functions like the ability to connect to contacts via SMS, they have to turn to third parties. That’s an inefficient and costly way of upgrading Teams.”

Jason goes on to say, “Our integration with Teams, powered by TeamMate Technology, solves this by enabling users to access our full suite of UC&C as well as CC features directly from within the Teams platform. This is a major win for all involved: our service provider partners benefit by being able to serve new markets and businesses benefit by increasing the efficiency and use cases for a product that is a major part of their operations.”

For service provider resellers, the ability to extend NetSapiens’ UC&C and CC capabilities to business customers is a significant benefit, making them more attractive to the wider Microsoft user base.

Seamless support

MS Teams is great from a collaborative perspective, but a holistic unified communications solution is what this platform needs to seamlessly support the diverse array of tools that businesses are now utilizing. There’s an opportunity here to build on what MS Teams is offering to deliver a complete solution that meets the needs of today and tomorrow. With the right solution, service providers can complement MS Teams with additional capabilities where they’re needed. Embracing the platform’s extensive existing user base—instead of competing against it.

Collaborative platforms don’t have to be a threat to existing communications service offerings. Instead, they can act as a springboard for complementary capabilities. 

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