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The Rise of Microsoft Teams

The adoption of team collaboration software has skyrocketed in 2021, with Microsoft Teams seeing significant growth. As of April 2021, Microsoft has reported over 250 million monthly active users. This is up over 90% from the year prior.

Businesses who have deployed Microsoft Teams chose this platform to solve a problem. As more employees leave the office for a distributed workforce model, each company needs to adjust their technology to accommodate new needs. Now more than ever, it’s essential for employees to communicate with each other from anywhere at any time. Corporate decision-makers want to give their organization a collaboration tool that works seamlessly with their existing processes. When a business is already invested in Microsoft with Office 365 solutions, adding Microsoft Teams is easy. Some service providers might see this as a threat. After all, there are many ways Microsoft Teams features overlap the Unified Communications and Collaboration services you provide. The good news is that you can make this work to your advantage!

Microsoft Teams + NetSapiens + You!

Microsoft Teams is in no way a complete solution. This is where you come in! Where Microsoft Teams ends, your unique services begin. When you partner with NetSapiens, you gain access to a complete UC&C platform that integrates directly into the Microsoft Teams Portal. You can deliver features like contact center, reporting, real-time analytics, mobility, conferencing, monitoring, and more that aren’t available in the Teams platform. You also can use your unique expertise as a Service Provider to create customized solutions beyond the Microsoft platform.

With the NetSapiens UC&C platform, you can integrate your services seamlessly into Microsoft Teams. Display your logo on the sidebar, and give end-users access to your branded NetSapiens portal from within the Teams UI. This integration provides corporate decision-makers the control they are looking for while maintaining the usability end users need. This combination of features and simplicity makes it an easy choice for businesses already invested in the Microsoft suite.

Microsoft Teams User Interface with the netsapiens Portal Integration. This shows the netsapiens contact page.

Teaming Up: How service providers are using Microsoft Teams to their advantage

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