NetSapiens Announces New Portal Enhancements for Upcoming Software Release

San Diego, CA- May 11, 2016- NetSapiens, a leading provider of VoIP and Unified Communications software solutions, today has announced new portal features and enhancements that will be included in their upcoming software release. These upgrades include an attendant console, localization controls and collaboration enhancements that NetSapiens’ service provider clients can deploy to their end users. The upcoming release is part of NetSapiens’ continuous effort to provide innovative products to their growing client base.

The new Attendant Console feature will give users the ability to handle live calls through drag-and-drop interface. Using a new scope in the SNAPsolution’s online portal, users can control calls in real-time by dragging the call from the right side of their screen to different call parks, call queues, auto attendants or even transfer the call directly to different users or extensions. This functionality simplifies the way a receptionist, operator, or call manager interacts with the call flow of their organization. This new way to manage calls can be operated on a user’s desktop or tablet, allowing for a unified experience on both interfaces.

The NetSapiens portal will be gaining additional customization options with the release of new localization controls. The upcoming release will allow service providers to tailor the interface to better address the needs of international users by formatting the user portal to reflect their local preferences. This includes options for international time formatting, date formatting, and it even allows for the portal to be translated into other languages. The portal will be automatically be provided in English, French and Spanish. However, clients will be able to edit existing language files or create a new language file to support any language that is read from left to right.

NetSapiens’ next software release will also include collaboration features powered by WebRTC. Previously released as a beta version, these tools will be released with another round of improvements and will be generally available .

Generally available features powered by WebRTC include:

  • Video Conferencing
  • File Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Conference Chat

NetSapiens is dedicated to consistently innovating new products and features in order to deliver future-proof technology to service providers of many different sizes and business models. Unlike many VoIP or UC software manufacturers, NetSapiens gives their clients access to all of their SNAPsolution features under their Universal Session Licensing agreement. This means that service providers are able to pay on a concurrent call basis instead of paying “per seat” or “per feature” for the SNAPsolution features that will be in the next release.

For demonstrations of these new features, contact NetSapiens at or call 1(858) 764-5203.