NetSapiens Attends 2022 Channel Partners: Here’s the Highlights

If you were lucky to attend the 2022 Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas this past week, you know that the bounce back from Covid is clear. The record-setting attendance included vast amounts of booths and even more traffic to set off the week, something we haven’t seen for a while. If you couldn’t make it this year, there’s quite a bit to unload.

On the first day, the message was clear – hiring and retaining talent is among the most significant challenges facing industries across the board. The Great Resignation, which consisted of 4.3 million people leaving their jobs, shows no signs of slowing down and has leaders reconsidering their approach. An industry analyst discussed these challenges and found that employees with three to five years of experience led the charge in this category. These employees are jumping ship for big raises.

Another topic determining the trajectory of businesses moving forward was diversity, which is the first year this has taken place at the show. Leaders from Google made it a point of discussion by getting a booth dedicated to the subject and led from a diversity standpoint and shows us a clear path of what we can expect in the years to come in business culture.

This was the breakout year for cybersecurity as they were the most dominant theme. Every third-to-fourth booth consisted of cybersecurity, which makes sense because security is the number one issue organizations face.

On a positive note, as it was the most attended Channel Partners to date, the Crexendo®  booth was the busiest we’ve ever seen, indicating a demand for high-margin solutions and service providers looking to pivot away from their outdated communication solutions.

All in all, Channel Partners was an absolute success for all involved. We look forward to next year.