netsapiens to Shake Up Service Provider Market with Wide-Ranging Enhancements to Unified Communications Features

SAN DIEGO, July 20, 2018netsapiens, a B2B provider of unified communications (UCaaS) services and feature-sets to managed service providers (MSPs), announces today that it has officially released v39 of its award-winning, signature SNAPsolution platform. Already provided to current users as a free download, the updates greatly increase the level of flexibility and efficiency managed service providers can leverage to meet their end-users’ evolving communications needs. Additional upgrades to existing modules like SNAPbuilder also add to the amount of netsapiens-compatible equipment, thereby increasing the company’s reach in the overall managed service provider market.

“At netsapiens, we strive to be a reliable and leading source of Hosted PBX, unified communications and mobility features for our managed service provider partners,” says Anand Buch, CEO of netsapiens. “These days, enterprises across the US are turning to our clients for guidance in implementing and managing the next-gen IT and real-time communications technologies that best meet their requirements. This means that MSPs need reliable, easy-to-use solutions to deploy that are also scalable as they grow. By constantly evolving our offerings both in response to customer requests and the trends we see in the market, the netsapiens team delivers a unified communications platform and experience that our customers know will work for them.”

SNAPsolution is powered by netsapiens’ custom-built unified communications software platform. The platform permits the company’s clients to bundle SNAPsolution components and features strategically and then offer services on an “as needed” basis to their end-users. SNAPsolution’s extreme flexibility and customization capabilities enable MSPs to offer a full suite of traditional PBX features along with those enabled by cloud-based UC systems.

Key highlights of the v39 release include:

  • SNAP.HD – providing the highest real-time video quality with the best bandwidth utilization, all at the lowest cost
  • SRTP Audio Encryption Support – enhanced encryption, message authentication and integrity for secure communications between audio endpoints and connections
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) Export Scheduling Tool – improved efficiency for exporting and sending reports
  • IPv6 Support – allows device-to-device communication with IPv6 utilized in their signaling and media protocols
  • SNAPbuilder Endpoints Enhancements – Cisco, Grandstream and HTEk phones now covered by netsapiens’ key programing tool
  • Google Speech Transcription – new voicemail transcription provider and licensing option for SNAPsolution customers
  • Improved Localization/Internalization – new features for language selection and management

For full details on netsapiens’ v39 SNAPsolution release, download the company’s fact sheet here.