STIR/SHAKEN: New FCC Rules for Voice Service Providers

In this webinar, we cover everything you need to know about STIR/SHAKEN. We explain how resellers are affected and where we have made simple tools available to meet the new requirements.

In 2020, American consumers received nearly 4 billion robocalls per month. Unsolicited marketing and callers phishing for private information had monopolized telephony such that consumers were afraid to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. STIR SHAKEN, an initiative to combat such traffic, rolled out in July 2021. It seeks to renew consumers’ trust by verifying caller’s identification and providing ways to categorize, and even block, unwanted calls.

Together, Netsapiens and Skyetel have convenient, online solutions to be fully compliant with these new FCC requirements. Resellers can self-validate their phone numbers quickly and easily – free of charge! And calls get A-level attestation for highest priority to avoid blocking.

Looking for more? Find out how Skyetel further protects your customers from unwanted inbound calls. Skyetel Spam Filter protection is a popular product offering available to our reseller customers that provides call treatment options to protect end-customers from inbound such as known robo-dialers, unwanted solicitors, and/or suspicious callers.

What you’ll learn:

  • Overview of STIR/SHAKEN
  • Requirements for carriers and resellers
  • A, B, C levels of attestation
  • Impact on the industry

Who should watch:

  • All resellers or
  • All persons providing telecom services to end clients
  • All call centers, especially outbound


  • Jason Byrne, SVP Solution Strategy, Business Development & Marketing, NetSapiens
  • Brian Smiley, VP Sales & Marketing, Skyetel
  • Chris Bardos President, Skyetel

View this webinar:

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