New Work Modes Developed to Address Pandemic Lockdown Issues Here to Stay

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Working remotely not going away

As we all know, how, where, and when work gets done was significantly changed by the Covid-19 global pandemic. Many organizations and businesses instantly transitioned to new working modes—remote, hybrid (onsite and remote), staggered shifts, and so on.

These abrupt and profound changes created a disruptive sense of disconnectedness among employees, as well as between buyers and brands. Despite the uncertainty about the end of lockdowns and socializing restrictions, it is clear that remote work is here to stay.

New ways of working

By employing cloud communications and collaboration tools, organizations were able to circumvent many of the pandemic pitfalls and establish new ways of working. This finding is outlined in a new white paper recently published by Frost & Sullivan about advanced cloud collaboration solutions.

The report reveals that the successful adoption of new work modes has led to 83% of the IT/telecom decision makers surveyed predicting that 25% or more of their organizations’ employees will work remotely at least some of the time in the foreseeable future.

While this development of new work modes offers advantages and benefits to both employers and employees, there are some definite risks. Frost & Sullivan analysts believe businesses are and will continue to be seriously challenged to balance safety concerns against the requirement to boost employee and customer engagement.

Working from home, cloud messaging, meeting services, and calling services have all gained unprecedented traction in current workplaces. They serve as the connective tissue between employees as well as a life-line between companies and their customers and partners.

Frost & Sullivan survey results

Organizations need to address new concerns

Percentage of surveyed businesses experiencing specific, new concerns:

Remote workers need the right tools to be productive

Regarding their remote workers, of the businesses surveyed:

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