Only 15% of Contact Center Licenses are Used

Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash

Are the days numbered for over-licensing by software vendors?

In a recent blog, UC service management provider Virsae revealed that “up to 85% of software licenses” are going unused.

In the post, Virsae says that “a quick scan of…data across our global network of customers shows that on average just 15% of ACD (automatic call distribution) licenses are used, and less than 40% of station licenses show any sign of activity.”

We at NetSapiens agree with Virsae’s conclusion that there’s a “treasure trove of potential cost savings” for contact center managers. So the big question is: Why aren’t contact center software vendors cutting licensing costs?

Don’t blame us!

Putting the blame of over-licensing on software vendors who “don’t make the job easy” for contact centers to right-size, Virsae states that “helping clients to reduce the number of licenses in play isn’t a top priority.” 

While this may be true for most contact center software vendors, it is definitely not true for NetSapiens. Our pricing model is based on “sessions, not seats” and it allows our contact center partners to save “a bundle without limiting capacity or performance.”

With NetSapiens Contact Center, our partners only pay for one session (active call) for every 25 users (based on average oversubscription of 25:1), putting the margin in their pockets, not ours. We have the only solution where the cost/subscriber gets cheaper 20% year over year with the oversubscription growth rate year over year.

Contact center platforms are the future now

Frontline workers in contact centers may use email, chat, and social apps with their customers, but voice calling still has the lion’s share of communication avenues for engagement.  

“According to the latest Global Telecoms Quality of Service Report from Spearline, only 16.2% of contact centres reported more digital interactions than voice interactions, proving that for the vast majority of businesses telephony is still a preferred communication method.”  – Analysing the Future Contact Centres,

Customer service reps who use NetSapiens Contact Center are experiencing the future now. Email is no longer the go-to option because modern platforms provide secure, all-in-one, and cloud-native contact centers that empower company representatives to deliver seamless and enjoyable customer service experiences.

The key attributes of the best contact center platforms include:

  • Crystal-clear voice quality 
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Simplified communications with a unified interface
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Multiple CRM integration friendly

Frontline workers and the customers they service are not the only beneficiaries of the leading contact center solutions. According to Metrigy, a market research firm, organizations that use a single vendor’s contact center integrated with its cloud-based unified communications report:

  • 2X the revenue
  • 14% decrease in costs 
  • 57% increase in customer experience rating
  • 37% improvement in agent efficiency

The additional benefits from working with a single vendor

In addition to the benefits listed above that are attributed to working with a single vendor with a strong UC&C portfolio, NetSapiens believes that there are more to be found with its Contact Center, including: 

Workforce engagement

Reach your team’s full potential by monitoring agent engagements and then advising on how to create better customer and agent experiences.

Call recording

Get a 360° view of all customer Interactions and quickly identify areas in need of improvement.

Performance management

Empower managers to give personalized training sessions by identifying the skills that specific agents need.

Quality assurance 

Turn all interactions into opportunities to elevate the customer experience by evaluating agents and providing them with the actionable feedback they need to deliver outstanding CX.