Supported Devices by NetSapiens Endpoint Manager

Newer supported endpoints continue to be added. Please re-check periodically.

Aastra480i, 6757i
AlgoAlgo 8301, 8373
AvayaJ129, J139, J159, J169, J179
Cisco6841, 6851, 7811, 7821, 7841, 7861, 7906, 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961, 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865, spa112, spa122, spa501G, spa502G, spa504G, spa508G, spa509G, spa512G, spa514G, spa525G
ClearlyIPCIP230, CIP250, CIP270
CrexendoCrexendo CX220, CX240, CX270, CX340, CX350, CX430
ESI30, 45
FanvilX210, X3S, X3SG, X3SP, X3U, X4, X4G, X4S, X4U, X5U, X6U, X7, X7A, X7C, v62, v63, v64, v65, v67
Grandstream286, 386, 486, 488, 502, 503, 701, 702, 704, DP715, GRP2601, GRP2601P, GRP2602, GRP2602P, GRP2602W, GRP2603, GRP2603P, GRP2604, GRP2604P, GRP2612, GRP2613, GRP2614, GRP2615, GRP2616, GRP2624, GRP2634, GRP2650, GRP2670, GXP-1610, GXP-1615, GXP-1620, GXP-1625, GXP-1628, GXP-1630, GXP-1760, GXP-1760W, GXP-1780, GXP-1782, GXP-2000, GXP-2010, GXP-2020, GXP-2110, GXP-2120, GXP-2130, GXP-2135, GXP-2140, GXP-2160, GXP-2170, GXV-3000, GXV-3240, GXV-3275, GXV3350, GXV3370, GXV3380, GXW-4004, GXW-4008
HtekC503, UC505, UC507, UC902, UC903, UC912P, UC923, UC924, UC921E, UC924E, UC926, UC926E, UCV10, UCV20, UCV50, UCV52, UCV53,
LG-Ericsson8815, 8820, 8830, 8840
LinksysPAP, PAP2, PAP2T, spa2102, spa2103, spa901, spa921, spa922, spa941, spa942, spa962, wip310, spa8000
Mediatrix4102, 4104, 4108
Mitel6730i, 6731i, 6735i, 6737i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6863i, 6865i, 6867i, 6869i, 6873i
ObihaiObi300, Obi302, Obi504,Obi508
PanasonicKX-TGP500, KX-TGP550, KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136
Polycom301, 320, 330, 331, 335, 430, 450, 500, 501, 550, 560, 600, 601, 650, 670, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, CCX400, CCX500, CCX505, CCX600, CCX700, D230, Obi300, Obi302, Obi504, Obi508, Rove B1, Rove B2, Rove B4, Trio 8300, Trio 8500, Edge B10, Edge B20, Edge B30, Edge E100, E220, E300, E320, E350, E400, E450, E500, E550, Trio 8800, Trio C60, VVX101, VVX150, VVX1500, VVX201, VVX250, VVX300, VVX301, VVX310, VVX311, VVX350, VVX400, VVX401, VVX410, VVX411, VVX450, VVX500, VVX501, VVX600, VVX601
Sipura(4FXS/0FXO), ASM (2FXS/2FXO), ASM (4FXS/4FXO), AXE (16FXS/2FXO), AXE (24FXS/2FXO), AXE (8FXS/2FXO), AXG (16FXS/0FXO), AXG (24FX-
SnomS/0FXO), AXG (8FXS/0FXO), AXM (16FXS/16FXO), AXM (24FXS/24FXO), AXM (8FXS/8FXO), AXT (0FXS/16FXO), AXT (0FXS/24FXO), AXT (0FX-
YealinkCP860, CP920, CP925, CP960, CP965, SIP-T12, SIP-T18P, SIP-T19P, SIP-T20P, SIP-T21P, SIP-T21P E2, SIP-T22P, SIP-T23G, SIP-T26P, SIP-T27G, SIP-T28P, SIP-T29G, SIP-T30, SIP-T30P, SIP-T31, SIP-T31W, SIP-T31G, SIP-T31P, SIP-T32G, SIP-T33G, SIP-T33P, SIP-T34W, SIP-T38G, SIP-T40G, SIP-T40P, SIP-T41P, SIP-T41S, SIP-T41U, SIP-T42G, SIP-T42S, SIP-T42U, SIP-T43U, SIP-T46G, SIP-T46S, SIP-T46U, SIP-T48G, SIP-T48S, SIP-T48U, SIP-T49G, SIP-T52S, SIP-T53, SIP-T53W, SIP-T54S, SIP-T54W, SIP-T56A, SIP-T57W, SIP-T58A, SIP-T58V, SIP-T58W, SIP-T9CM, SIP-VP59, VP-T49G, W52P, W60P, W70B, W80DM, W90DM