Scaling with Ease

“Years back, when my business partner and I first got together and started doing cloud telephony, we started doing this about nine years ago. We had lost some opportunities with on-premise PBX systems and decided that we were going to go after the cloud business and start building out our own cloud infrastructure. We originally did that with the Avaya platform, prior to Avaya even having a cloud service option for their clients. […] It was going OK. At the time, we didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be for scalability. […] Two years down the line…Avaya had released their cloud partnership away from us, over to RingCentral. […] Their move for us was to then resell RingCentral. We obviously could not do that. […] Working with Kevin, and the folks over at netsapiens, we were able to build out ITC cloud the way that we wanted to maintain and manage it moving forward.

– Shawn Torres, CEO, In-Telecom

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