Service Providers Need to Look Beyond Their “Home Grown” Platform

NetSapiens SVP Jason Byrne makes case to change focus.

Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller
Jason Byrne, SVP Solution Strategy, Business Development & Marketing of NetSapiens

Time: 20 Minutes

“Homegrown platforms just aren’t cutting it,” says Jason Byrne, NetSapiens Senior Vice President. “We do this every day,” Byrne continues as he makes the case for service providers to look beyond building or utilizing their own platform. In this podcast, Byrne makes the case for service providers to not be handcuffed to a model that limits their capabilities and ultimately limits their futures. With only 20% of the workforce sitting at a desk, Byrne questions the traditional per-seat model. Byrne explains that breaking away from that model is the first step to renovating a service provider’s long-term prospects. As the pandemic recedes, the growth they experienced, almost by default, will have to buy a more strategic approach. Byrne provides a look at that path and explains how NetSapiens can be a partner for achieving those long-term goals with tools available today.